List of reputable piercers in The Netherlands

Here is my list of all reliable piercers that I can think of / find in the Netherlands. This list is in my personal opinion. With this I don’t claim it’s based on facts but only on my personal and…

The guts to walk in a tattoo or piercing studio

On holiday in Czech Republic. By car. I love to check out tattoo shops everywhere I go, be it on google maps or in real life. But most of times I will be too scared to enter the actual shop….

Top notch piercing jewellery

To crease or not to crease: I read a lot on the internet, obviously. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about nostril piercings and how some piercers prefer piercing the nostril in the crease, and some rather not. It’s well…

Over intiem piercings

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Does a piercing close back up?

Does a piercing close back up? Some do, some don’t. The longer you’ve had your piercing, the bigger the chances of the hole remaining more or less open. But this doesn’t go for all types of piercing. All piercings in…