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PMMA piercing jewellery

I wrote in an earlier posted article about acrylic jewellery and which materials are trustworthy and which aren’t and such and I decided to give PMMA a try. PMMA apparently is the safest kind of acrylic jewellery for piercings and stretched piercings. Many piercers use it and sell it and recommend it for stretching piercings. What’s also nice is that PMMA is available in all sizes so you can safely stretch 1 mm at a time, just like with glass jewellery.

I mostly wear glass when stretching my piercings but I traded them for two no flare PMMA plugs in black just this time, to try this out. One in 18mm and another in 19mm because I’m still stretching my right lobe which needs more patience.

The material is more tacky than glass, glass is super smooth of course and rounded on the edges, thus easier to insert. My left ear had no problems what so ever with the material. The right one was a little sensitive after a few days. It started to ooze a little and to itch which are bad signs people!

Let me clarify something here: My right ear is the typical example of hypersensitive, slow healer, difficult to stretch, and overly sensitive to 9 out of 10 materials during healing. A bit like myself really :P. I'm not only allergic to gold, nickel - and a lot more - , but also to acariens, grass pollen, dogs... I have known this for a while but it always seemed to me like I didn't have much symptoms though. This until I had this huge asthma attack which turned out to be an allergic reaction. Now I take anti-histamines and almost never have symptoms any more. No more never ending colds, no more dry, irritated eyes. But I digress. My skin is super (hyper even) sensitive to a lot of things, turns out, especially when it hasn't fully healed yet. So I have to be very careful with it and with the materials I wear and the products I use, which is something I find very annoying since I personally like things simple.

Now, after a few days, I decided to wear my glass plug on that side again and after just one day I had no more itching, oozing or irritation of any kind…

No more PMMA for me, just glass for stretching from now on.

If you’re sensitive to many things, it’s best for you to avoid PMMA. My left earlobe, which is fully healed, has no problems with PMMA what so ever and as I am writing this, I’m still wearing the PMMA plugs I’ve put in back then.

So if you have to use acrylics, to me, PMMA is probably the only somewhat accepted variant, but not on difficult earlobes.