A little know how about cheek piercing

How do I take care of my cheek piercings?

You take care of a cheek piercing in the same way you would clean a medusa, monroe, or other lip piercing. With saline on the outside and mouthwash on the inside.

How do I change the jewelry of my cheek piercing and what should I look out for?

Change you cheek piercing the first time preferably with the help of a professional piercer to ensure your piercing is fully healed and you cannot damage the fistula. Other than that the principle is the same as changing a lip piercing except the skin and tissue is thicker and slightly more fragile.

What can I do to fight piercing pimples on my cheek piercings?

Bumps on your cheek piercings can be a series of different things. When properly placed by an experienced professional many things can be avoided. If so and you still suffer the presence of one of these annoying bumps it is most probably the case of an ordinary piercing pimple. Treat it the same way you would a cartilage piercing pimple. saline soaks twice a day until the bump is completely gone and then keep the routine up for two or four extra weeks to prevent it from coming back. Also make sure the jewelry fits and also leaves enough room for swelling. Of course, brush your teeth twice a day and avoid alcohol, oral contact an dairy products until the piercing is fully healed. To be absolutely sure your piercer hasn’t nicked important glands during piercing, take a second opinion.


Poorly placed cheek piercings that probably have pierced important glands.

What are the pro’s and con’s of piercing your cheeks? 

A cheek piercing is a risky piercing. Cheeks home a lot of very important glands, muscles, skin, mucus, nerves… The glands can easily be damaged during improperly placed piercing.  When this happens it can permanently damage important bodily functions. This is one of the reasons why you should make sure to look for an experienced professional piercer who knows what he or she is doing in regards of cheek piercings.

Also cheek piercings will almost always leave dimples when abandoned. These dimples are often permanent.

Pain wise, the tissue is thicker in the cheeks, there are more and thicker muscles than in lip piercings. but other than that, it is almost the same thing.

I preferably have you lying down for the procedure for maximum relaxation.