A little know-how about navel piercing

Will the hole of my navelpiercing, or belly button piercing go away?

In most cases, a navel piercing that has fully healed is practically permanent.
Very comparable to earlobe piercings. If you haven’t worn jewelry in the hole for quite some time the hole could shrink so much it gets hard to insert your jewelry back in yourself. I could help you with that with the use of a taper or insertion pin and some water based lubricant.

Is my skin thick enough for a navel piercing?

I have seen some types of skin to be too thick to accept a navel piercing without rejecting it after some time. But this is quite rare though. What happens more often is that the skin is to strong so to speak. In the case of a rejecting navel piercing the skin becomes gradually thinner and could present some additional symptoms such as redness, itching, dry skin, mostly entirely painless.

Is it possible for my navel piercing to grow crooked because of an infection? What can I do to fight it?

A piercing can migrate over time. To determine if an infection is the cause I would need to see it. An irritation can also cause the piercing to migrate to a “better” spot. Avoid friction and tight clothing on your piercing, read the aftercare instructions given on this website (use the search engine). A ring can also be the problem, If your wear a ring in your fresh piercing this can lie flat on your tummy and thus provoke migration. Also, avoid getting caught on your jewelry by placing and taping a gauze compress on your piercing during sleep and sports.

What is the smallest size of jewelry for the belly button piercing?

A navel piercing jewel could be a ring or a curved barbell. The thickness of the bar should be at least 14 g or 1.6mm. The diameter of the ring is often the same as the length of the curved barbell. It can vary between 8 and 12 mm. OF course jewellery for the navel piercing exist also in 6 and 7mm.

bananabellCan I wear a barbell type jewel in my belly button piercing?

The only way this type of jewelry could be safely worn in your belly button piercing is if it’s a PTFE barbell, which is flexible and inert (bio-medical material).

Can I wear an earring through my navel piercing?

Only as an emergency solution or it might be tearing your piercing and cause irritation or worse. Try and purchase a fitting navel piercing jewellery piece ASAP.