About nipple piercings

(F/M) How can I help my nipple piercing to grow shut?

Keep the area clean, the rest will mostly go by itself. A nipple-piercing shrinks pretty fast most of times, even if you’ve had it for quite some time.

(F/M) What is the best way to stretch my nipple piercing?

Because the skin of the nipple is quite sturdy if you will, and shrinks quite fast, it will take smaller steps to stretch the nipple piercing than it would to stretch the earlobe piercing on the same person. Make sure you always use the right materials, that the piercings is fully healed before you stretch, that you use some lubricant and wait at least 2 months between every step you stretch (or longer if needed, as long as the piercing is fully healed when you continue stretching) even if you find no discomfort.