About Soesha

soesha piercing

Soesha stands for professional piercing with a focus on personalized advice and guidance in piercing, aftercare and jewelry.

I provide professional body piercing. I give personal, but also human advice in piercing, aftercare and jewelry.

My name is Emmie Velders-Lindeman. Born in Delft on 14 July 1982. Raised in Rijswijk until 1989, Congo Brazzaville until 1994, The Hague to the present.

I completed my apprenticeship as a bodypiercer at the end of June 2009.

On 1 July 2009 I registered myself with the Chamber of Commerce and started my career as a Professional Piercer.

I am also trained in first aid, anatomy, physiology, pathology, dermatology, various jewelry materials such as precious metals and bio-compatible materials. I also have several certificates in my name, obtained in Germany and in England. View these in their true size on the walls of the store at Badhuisstraat in The Hague.

So I am:

  • professional body piercer since 2009.
  • owner / writer / creator of this website since 2006,
  • founder / creator of the SoeshaDuka webshop since March 2015 and
  • founder / owner / piercer of the first and only piercing specialty shop in The Hague since 12 September 2016.

Do you want to book an appointment? Send me a private message via the Facebook page. (or email or social media if you don’t have Facebook).


If you come from out of town, book an appointment first, otherwise there might be no time for you. Thanks for understanding.

That is because: I do everything alone (website, webshop, consultations, administration, piercing and changing, stock management …), because of this it can happen that I don’t have enough time to treat everyone when no appointment has been made.

You can book an appointment via social media, email, telephone (use the voicemail if necessary and do not forget to mention your telephone number).

I am a professional body piercer, owner of SoeshaPiercing: The Infirmary, the soesha.nl website and the soeshaduka.nl online shop.

SoeshaPiercing: the Infirmary is a professional licensed studio in The Hague (Badhuisstraat 128).

I have more than 8 years experience and training in first aid, CPR, anatomy, physiology, pathology, dermatology, diverse jewellery materials such as precious metals and biocompatible materials. Inquiries through info@soesha.nl for swift response.

If you have questions or concerns, call or WhatsApp to 070 2148937, e-mail to info@soesha.nl

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