A little know-how about surface piercings

Which piercings are surface piercing?

  • the Nape or surface piercing in the back of the neck
  • the Bindi
  • the bridge piercing or Erl piercing
  • the eyebrow piercing
  • the teardrop (a surface anchor under the eye or ¬†on the cheek bone)
  • the anti-eyebrow piercing
  • the sideburn piercing (surface piercing right in front of the tragus of your ear)
  • the horizontal eyebrow piercing (_ this is horizontal and | this is vertical, for the record :P)
  • the navel piercing or belly button piercing is also a kind of surface piercing
  • the vertical philtrum piercing and the vertical labret piercing are also sort of surface piercings but just a little bit different, very comparable to the navel piercing.
  • the Christina, Dydoe, Nefertiti, Pubis (are genital piercings).
  • the transverse ear lobe piercing
  • the reverse navel piercing is really more of a surface piercing than an actual navel piercing, of course, there are exceptions.
  • the transverse labret (horizontally through the lip)

How do I remove my Nappe piercing?

A Nappe piercing is a surface piercing. This is a bar in the shape of an upside down staple. This bar is invisible because is remains under the skin. Above the skin are two balls or tops visible and changeable after the full healing of the piercing. This type of piercing is removable in the same way another piercing would be. But because it’s in the back of your neck this might be a little tricky to do yourself. You could always go and see your piercer and ask him or her to remove it for you. I know I would. Contact me if you need my help, I would be glad to oblige.

What types of piercings are there for in the back of the neck?

There is the surface piercing, called the Nappe piercing or the microdermal piercing or surface anchor or dermal implant. This type of piercing has many names, confusing really.

What does the bar of a surface piercing look like? Where can I purchase one?

It looks like and upside down staple. It exists in many sizes. Some piercers use barbells or curved barbells as jewelry for this type of piercing but they shouldn’t because it will be rejected sooner or later because the jewelry cannot settle properly with this type of jewelry. To purchase the right type of jewelry you must find out which one you got placed. You can then purchase different tops to switch for the two visible balls or tops.

Do I clean my surface piercing with alcohol, iodine or the like?

This type of antiseptic is too aggressive for the daily care of a piercing, any piercing. Use the saline solution. Warm saline soaks twice a day until it’s fully healed. Contact me if you have any questions.