Aftercare instruction for oral piercings

  • A tongue or lippiercing (or other oral piercing) deserves extra attention after eating, drinking, smoking and any other oral contact. Brush your teeth regularly to keep your mouth free of plaque, with, for instance, saline Easypiercing mouthwashbased toothpaste and use saline to rinse your mouth with or easypiercing mouthwash, but make sure you dilute it with water (5ml mouthwash, 15ml water). In case of cheeks, labrets, lip piercings, use saline soaks for the outside of the piercing.
  • Regularly cool the piercing with ice cubes, to fight the swelling.
  • Avoid kissing or any other oral contact during healing.
  • Avoid any dairy products during healing. Such as cheese, yoghurt, milk, soft-ice… these can prolong healing and cause infection during healing.
  • The first two weeks (or during healing for an irritated or infected piercing) you also shouldn’t consume or use any alcohol or alcoholic product of any kind. It could make the swelling worse and slow the immune system thus slowing down the healing process.