Titanium jewellery for piercing is safe and reliable and the most chosen material for piercing procedures.

Een titanium labretje met blue zircon gem, geanodiseerd in purple teal.

Sometimes you want to get your piercing done with gold jewellery but genuing gold is often much more expensive and that is not always in your budget at the time of the procedure. There is a cost-effective option for this: anodising an implant grade titanium piece instead!

But there is also another reason to anodise your jewellery.

It is also cleansing. Due to the electric charge, dust and particles from the manifacture of the piece of jewelry are expelled if you will, so the piece is now even cleaner!

Hier een titanium curved barbell of bananabell, geanodiseerd in dark purple.

Titanium and niobium can both be anodized in many different colors. The piece is given a colour by an electrolytic treatment. This can be gold-like, rose gold-like, but also purple, blue, yellow, turquoise, bronze … many kinds of colors! It’s often is also nice to anodise a titanium jewel with a colored stone to make the color of the stone pop by choosing a complementing color.

The material is not affected by anodisation, the jewel is still hypoallergenic and it doesn’t “shed” the colour over time.

The color may fade over time when wearing the anodised piece. Usually only on the part of the jewelry that sticks through the skin. Usually it takes a year before the color fades, but eventually it will return to the natural silver color. That is harmless, and you can then just come back to the studio and have it anodised again.

Links, twee titanium plugjes vóór het anodiseren. Rechts dezelfde titanium plugjes erna. Hier in de kleur bronze.
Een titanium curved barbell van het merk Industrial Strength, zogenaamde Gemini Curved Barbell, met twee synthetische opaaltjes in de kleur bubblegum pink, geanodiseerd in de kleur gold.
Een titanium labret staafje met synthetisch opaaltje in de kleur sky blue, geanodiseerd in de kleur ice blue. Van het merk Industrial Strength.

And another thing, I can also do it for you on jewellery that you already own, as long as it is titanium or niobium.

I do this in the studio, myself, sometimes you can watch me while I do this for you.

lip piercing stretchen
Een titanium labretje met synthetisch opaaltje in de kleur teal, geanodiseerd in de kleur dark bronze. Van het merk Industrial Strength.
handen af
Een titanium smooth segment ring, geanodiseerd in de kleur rose gold op de foto helaas niet goed zichtbaar).

If you want to be pierced with an anodised piece of jewellery, I do this by appointment. Because of course I have to sterilize the jewelery after anodising to have it be safe and hygienic when putting it in your freshly pierced skin.

If you have questions or concerns, call or WhatsApp to 070 2148937, e-mail to

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