appointment waitlist

Appointment Waitlist

Since the outbreak, you need an appointment for every single thing you want to do within the shop. Whether it’s for a jewellery change, an order pick-up, a fresh new piercing, a consult, advice, jewellery curation or anatomy consult, or just to have a look around. View all the new regulations here.

You Had No Appointment (yet) (before lockdown) But You Would Like To Reserve A Spot?

The shop is super busy right now but you don’t want to miss you shot? What to do, what to do?

Comment down below (or e-mail to with subject “appointment waitlist”.

In this message you want to add the folowwing bits of information:

  • Your email address
  • Your preferred date and preferred time of day.
  • Which piercing
  • Which jewellery (click here) You’d like to have inserted.
  • Don’t forget to add an estimate of your budget (consider the fact that post, procedure, aftercare and end are priced separately)

“Before You Book An Appointment You Need To Read The Outbreak Protocol.”

This is of utmost impotance.

Therein, you will read the measures Soesha Takes to protect you and everyone else. These measures are to be followed if you want to be serviced at Soesha.

If, in some case, you can’t follow protocol, or can’t follow protocol yet, I would strongly recommend waiting before booking or putting yourself on the waitlist, since you will be refused service.

“The Other Page You Need To Have Read Before Putting Yourself On The Wait List Is This One.”

But, if you have questions, you may alsways send me a message through the live chat below on your right, or via a Direct Message on Instagram or Facebook, or via Whatsapp, or just by e-mail of course. Together we will make sure to get you your dream piercing, soon, fast and safely.

First Come First Serve!

So the first person that gives me the needed information with a comment below or an e-mail, will alos be the first to get a phone call or message from us! This, after all existing appointments (that were cancelled for lockdown) have been serviced of course.

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