Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment

Of course we have set some new, strict, regulations to ensure the security of both clients and piercers.

Find some additonal tips to prepare for your appointment here. Have a look at the new regulations before booking. If you can’t abide by them, you cannot come to the studio.

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Did you have an appointment before the lockdown?

Send an e-mail to E-mail only to this e-mail address about this. Messages on this subject sent to other channels will be ignored. Send your e-mail with the ordernumber of your deposit. You don’t have one? Email me the first and last name with which you paid your deposit on the webshop last time and I’ll try and find it for you.

You had an appointment before the lockdown but you hadn’t made a deposit?

Email me to (only via this address please) with which kind of appointment this was and what your preferences are regarding day and time. N.B. not all days are possible and there’s only a limited amount of days available per week.

You didn’t have an appointment yet but you’d like one?

Clients that have made a deposit before lockdown and have their ordernumber have priority. People with check-up appointments that had been canceled before lockdown, have priority.

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Have a look on the websites of Industrial Strength, BVLA, LeRoiAnatometal for top notch quality jewellery and contact me for quotes.

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If you have questions, call or send a Whatsapp message to 070 2148937, send an e-mail to or follow my activities on social media.

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