Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment

Of Course We Have Set Some Strict Regulations To Ensure The Security Of Both Clients And Piercers.

Before booking an appointment for yourself, you are to commit that all commandments/statements/agreements below are valid to you, and that you have understood the following commandments/statements/agreements: if you haven’t read these, you risk coming for nothing.

Due To The Pandemic, The Studio Is Only Accessible By Appointment! This Counts For: Browsing, Jewellery Changes, Consults, Questions, Bookings… Everything!

  1. I will book what I need to book. I know I should not book more or less than what I need to book. I know that, during my appointment, I therefore cannot ask for other treatments or procedures than those that have been booked. I thus understand that, during my appointment, only the procedures or treatments that have been booked can and will be executed. Literally. No exceptions. (you may book a follow-up appointment though). 
  2. I understand that this professional is taking the following steps to ensure my safety and security and that of clients who came in before me and clients who will come in after me. I understand that these steps have been taken to ensure the hygiene, safety and reliability of the studio.
  3. I have read and understood the house rules.
  4. I can be reached with the contact information I enter upon booking. I am aware of the way my information is processed and protected. 
  5. I have read the outbreak protocol and will come prepared. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!
  6. I will bring my valid identification document, not a copy (authorized ID are: Dutch driver’s license, EU issued ID-card or passport, Dutch Alien Document).
  7. In the case of a follow-up appointment: I understand that if I had an appointment before or during the lockdown, I need to state this in the comments of my booking and, if applicable, I need to join the order number of my deposit.
  8. I know that, in case of questions or needed assistance in any way, I may always contact the professional, even until midnight, via the live chat, here on this very page.
  9. I book the appointment in my lawful name. The appointment is for myself, not for anyone else, nor for multiple people. This is not a restaurant.
  10. I understand that access to the shop/service may be refused when I cannot abide by the above mentioned commandments.

By Booking, You Automatically Agree With All Of The Above And You Are Expected To Follow The Above Mentioned Commandments. 

For a smooth and pleasurable experience: here are a few tips to prepare yourself for your appointment. Is everything crystal? Great! Book now by clicking/tapping here.

If You Can’t Seem To Be Able To Choose A Date, Chances Are I’m Already Fully Booked For This Period.

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

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