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Before booking an appointment for yourself, you are to commit that all commandments/ statements/ agreements below are valid to you, and that you have understood the following commandments/ statements/ agreements (the link to the booking module is hidden in this text to make sure you read everything attentively):

  1. I will book what I need to book. I know that, during my appointment, I cannot ask for other treatments or procedures than those that have been booked. Adding a service in the comments of my booking won’t magically add time to our day. I thus understand that, during my appointment, only the procedures or treatments that have been booked can and will be executed. (you may book a follow-up appointment though). 
  2. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – I have read the outbreak protocol and will come prepared. – EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
  3. I have read and understood the house rules.
  4. I can be reached with the contact information I enter upon booking. I am aware of the way my information is processed and protected.  I know the information I’ve given upon booking needs to be accurate to be used in the now mandatory customer registration.
  5. I book the appointment in my lawful name (first, middle and last name). The appointment is for myself, not for anyone else, nor for multiple people. This is not a restaurant.
  6. I know I have to bring my valid identification document, not a copy regardless of my age, social status, religion, political views, opinion and whether or not I believe in the spaghetti-monster. Authorized ID are: EU issued ID-card or passport, Dutch Alien Document. No Driver’s License
  7. I understand that the professional is taking these steps to ensure the hygiene, safety and reliability of the studio and everyone in it, past, present or future.
  8. I understand that access/service/appointment may ALWAYS be cancelled/refused when I cannot abide by the above mentioned commandments. I know that as a consequence a fine will be billed in case my appointment can’t go through because of me not abiding by the above. I know that, by consequence, a fine will be billed if this happens. No Shows will not be tolerated!
  9. I can cancel my own appointment up to 48hrs in advance. After this, I need to contact Soesha directly to do so, via live chat. The cancellation fee will be charged if I cancel after 48hrs advance. No Shows will not be tolerated!
  10. I know that by Booking, I AUTOMATICALLY agree with all of the above and I am legally bound to the above mentioned Commandments. 
No Shows Will Not Be Tolerated If you've booked, you can postpone or cancel too. This is very easily done with the buttons on the confirmation email you've received upon booking your appointment. If you don't postpone, nor cancel, nor send me a little message saying you can't make it, you will receive a link to pay the costs for the treatment you had planned (of course no costs for jewelry, etc.). If you need to contact me fast, email will not work, I work alone and receive 200 emails a day. Contact me via social media or the live chat on here, that’s fastest.


For a smooth and pleasurable experience: here are a few tips to prepare yourself for your appointment. Is everything crystal? Great! Book now by clicking/tapping here.

If you have questions or concerns, e-mail to or follow Soesha on Social media.

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