Bleeding piercing

Bleeding piercing

Bleeding piercing: How come (often/sometimes) when you get pierced, you don’t bleed?

I think it’s an excellent question!

So here’s the answer:

You don’t always bleed when getting pierced, but it’s not like it’s a bad sign when you do.

In some cases, when a catheter needle is used for piercing, the needle and the initial jewellery are of the exact same size. So the hole that gets made by the needle directly gets “plugged” by the jewellery and thus blood has little to no chance of “escaping”. Sometimes, a little (teensy weensy) bit of blood can escape by the movement of jewellery insertion/transfer. And sometimes you will notice a bit of dried blood after a night or two of sleep, this also caused by a bit of friction that allowed some to escape. With a little bit, I mean that very litterally. Not even enough to form a drop.Bleeding piercing

This is slightly different with the use of a so-called blade needle. In those cases you sometimes do see a bit of blood.

Good question! Gimme more of those! :)