Blow-out: The Menace Returns

What is in fact a “blow out”? It’s actually the skin that turns inside out. Well, see you have the tunnel of skin (when you remove the plug) and let’s say that the inside of that cylinder of skin just rolls to the outside, sort of. This happens when stretching, or when inserting the jewellery that is one tad bigger than it was before. Often when the skin is dry, as in you haven’t used any lubricant. Makes sense right? This can also appear after stretching instead of during stretching. Your earlobe swells up and the blow out forms sort of a pocket of fluid. Kinda like a piercing pimple, we know that piercing pimple, right? (Fun fact: for these kinds of blow outs there are custom made silicone discs that help, contact me if you need some).


As you guys know, I was working on stretching my lobes to 18mm (…looking up what gauge it is on my conversion table… ah yes) a bit smaller than 3/4″ (new goal size as I’m writing this is 19mm – which is actually 3/4″).

That went fine and smooth for my left earlobe, but my right earlobe? Not so much.

Two days ago, on the 24th of march, I went to brush my teeth and both my earlobes were happy and stretched to 18mm, yay! Glass single flare plugs by Gorilla Glass in them, awesomeness! My right earlobe wasn’t giving me a bad time for a while now, worse yet… My left earlobe decided to take the role, and began to be a pain in my ass.

To solve this, I washed my earlobes and my plugs, once a day with a mild fragrance free soap.

[Quick disclaimer: I wrote this a while ago and I'm revisiting this now. I'm not going to edit the text for authenticity purposes but do not copy what I'm talking about here. I learned the hard way so you don't have to. Stretching and having sore lobes? Not okay. Sore lobes from stretching and being stubborn and just washing them daily with a mild fragrance free soap? Not okay.]

But that very morning, the next day that is, I took one look at my earlobes, mainly the right one and I saw an actual blow out. NOOOO!

What do we do, in case of a blow out?

Take the plug out, wash it, don’t put it back in.[which is what I should have done in the first place, having a sore lobe… hellooooo?!] I also washed my earlobe and  massaged it with emu oil. [kinda okay, as long as the skin isn’t’ broken… at this point, it was hard to be certain, so wash and leave alone for a day would have been better.] During the remainder of the day, the blown out skin repositioned itself nicely back into place. And yeah, that’s right, after two days, which is today… I’m back at 16mm (checking conversion table again… ermmm that’s about 5/6″). I’m wearing a silicone skin eyelet by Kaos Softwear because it doesn’t push the skin when inserting.

[Alright... VERY IMPORTANT! silicone is not for stretching! So it's very important for you to understand that i lubricated the eyelet before inserting and payed attention for it not to feel pulling on the skin what so ever and that it was well distributed so no weak spot was created. AGAIN! not for stretching and as it was, I had already gone down 2mm after 2 days. I had tried my smaller glass jewellery to figure out what size would be okay to wear without pulling on my poor little skin so it could heal without shrinking more. Also, not a dumb move of wearing Kaos Softwear Skin Eyelets. If you know this brand, you know they use bio compatible silicone that can be autoclaved, which means it's safe. You can't stretch with it because it's tacky and sticks to your skin and should always use a lubricant when inserting to ensure good skin distribution but it's a safe material. Skin Eyelets by Kaos are rounded on the wearable surface. Which hugs the skin if you will. Since I'm a big fan of the silicone discs i recommend for piercing pimple and the like it made sense to me. I had never seen or heard someone to use this theory but I thought to try it out.]

Do not use silicone to stretch piercings people!

Let’s be honest. When this happened to me last time, I did not wait the recommended amount of time before stretching again. I’m paying for that now. Now I have to wait at least two more months before stretching to 17mm and then two more months at least  to stretch to 18mm and after two more months, finally…19mm. Which sucks balls… but that’ll teach me to be stubborn with my skin and health and appearance.

So, in conclusion. Learn from my mistakes folks. Is your ear impatient? Or maybe you are? Make sure you got the right stuff home and be patient. Make sure you take good care of your stretched skin and wait long, long enough, long enough for your skin, not for you and your vanity. How long? At least long enough for your skin’s collagen to have restored.

When you ear looks good and doesn’t hurt, neither when stretching, it doesn’t always mean the skin has healed enough for it to be ready to be stretched again.

Learn from this.

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