Blow-out part III: Proper after care products

Blow-out part III: Proper after care products

Anyone who stretches their lobes or peircings has probably encountered this:

  • An earlobe that doesn’t stretch as easy as the other one.
  • Or, after months or longer of steady happy lobes at a certain size, the skin all of a sudden gets irritated, by probably a switch of jewellery or wearing earweights to a party or something like that.

What I mostly do and recommend is (of course, depending on the swelling and level of irritation):

  • Give the irritated skin some peace, care and rest by downsizing or wearing nothing at all for a couple of days (2 or 3 days mostly) and keeping them clean, leave them alone and purchasing proper glass plugs for when they can be worn again.
  • Helping your stretched skin along a little with a beneficial oil. In most cases I would recommend emu oil or jojoba oil, only when there’s no actual wound or broken skin that is. Oil on a wound is, 9 out of 10 times (depending on the type of oil you use of course, but still) not such a good idea. When there’s only irritation and soreness, or slight redness and dry, weakened skin, in those cases oil can be a very good option to help your skin back to health.
  • After 4 to 7 days, most issues often are solved, you might have lost a size or two but your lobes are happy again, which is the most important thing after all. After that you want to begin to carefully get back to the size you were at, or the size your skin was comfortable at first. And, of course, only wear glass for the next few months (read more about glass and it’s properties on this website).
  • Last but not least: use Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care.

So what is it?

Zelf stretchen
Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care

I use and sell only the “sensitive” variety of Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care, among other reasons because I personally have a super sensitive skin and I am of opinion that if there’s a “sensitive”of something, why then would one use the other option? I mean we are talking about your skin, body and health after all. Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care is in some ways a lotion, with a natural fragrance (natural fragrance I said that right, no chemical perfume). You only need very little, half a pea size, less even, is ample enough to cover and massage the skin of both your earlobes. It spreads easily and evenly and works as a lubricant too. I heard about this product a while a go but hadn’t tried it yet myself. Recently my lobes were acting up, well, the right one that is (you probably know this from my earlier posts on this subject) and I decided to give this lotion a try. Well, I have to tell you, I was very pleasantly surprised! After only 3 days, all the problems were gone! My skin was back to its soft and stretchy self (see what I did there? stretchy Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care ;)) and I never lost one size! I don’t use my emu oil anymore as a care product but rather as a lube to insert my jewellery or for my regular lobe massages and I highly recommend Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care to anyone and everyone who’s ever had similar issues with their strethced piercings. It is fairly pricey, but you just need very little of it so one bottle can last you a looooong time.

I just had to tell you this. You probably saw the bottle Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care on my webshop and you probably were thinking something in the lines of “what the heck is that?” and because I hadn’t told you about it on here, you probably just passed it. Well not anymore! This Stretchy’s Finest Sensitive Care is top of the line revolutionary! And I’m not just saying that because I’m selling it. It’s the other way around, I’m selling it because it’s true.