Running The Gauntlet

Book tip: Running The Gauntlet

This time a book tip about a very important book. At least, that’s my opinion. Anyone who is a piercing enthusiast should have read this book or at least know about what it’s about.

Jim Ward, the grandfather of body piercing, is one of the very first in body piercing to make this profession recognized as one and to have advanced it’s jewellery and procedure to what it is now.

The captive bead ring and barbell as you know it would not exist if not for him. Also a lot of the tools and techniques were his discovery. His book: Running The Gauntlet is really, as says the cover, a personal history, biography, of body piercing.

You read about his life, and about how he became a piercer and evolved the profession to the state it is  now, as a shop, all over the world where you can safely have your piercings done in a safe environment and also with safe instructions for aftercare and according to accurate knowledge of the human anatomy.

You also read about all the people he met along the way, all people we now also know as the great pioneers of body piercing and/ or body modification. It’s a very easily readable book (in English), filled with illustrations and photos that will give you a good idea about the hows and whens of everything.

A must for anyone who wants to be a body piercer or who is a body piercing or body modification enthusiast.