Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment

Voor Nederlands klik op de vlaggen hierboven.Pay attention! When booking an appointment I assume that you have read this article completely and agree with this. You also must abide the house rules. If any of these weren’t read or aren’t followed…

List of reputable piercers in The Netherlands

List of reputable piercers in The Netherlands

Here is my list of all reliable piercers that I can think of / find in the Netherlands. This list is in my personal opinion. With this I don’t claim it’s based on facts but only on my personal and…

Have you always wanted to become a professional Bodypiercer?

I take apprentices! If you want to become my apprentice, you have to be willing to be on the floor in my studio one or two days a week from opening to closing hours during six months. You will watch…

fresh neck piercing by soesha

Nape piercing and rejection

Does a Nape piercing often get rejected? That depends on your skin, the placement of it, the skill of your piercer, the jewelry size or model of it, the care given to the piercing (as well as general health and…

helix piercing by soesha

Good daily hygiene

Good daily hygiene and proper healing of your piercing When you’ve just had your piercing done, or it is irritated or suffering a minor localized infection or a so called ‘piercing pimple’, it is recommended to maintain proper daily hygiene….

Fresh piercing and dirt

Fresh piercing and dirt

When you have a fresh piercing, or an irritated or inflamed one, it’s very important to protect yourself from bacteria. Protect yourself against anything dirty that is. So hygiene is a must. But some things are harder to control. Such…

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