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Covidrama and how you can help Soesha

I’ve started calling it the CoviDrama. We all know it by now, all over the world. Many entrepreneurs are falling in debt due to the measures taken by the government – and rightly so – to flatten the curve. This…

Booking an appointment

Booking an appointment

Of Course We Have Set Some Strict Regulations To Ensure The Security Of Both Clients And Piercers. If at any point you have questions about the information on this page or another, don’t hesitate to use the live chat button…

Betrouwbare piercers Nederland

List of reputable piercers in The Netherlands

Here is my list of all reliable piercers that I can think of / find in the Netherlands. For Belgium and other countries view this list. Check out the map! That’s even better nowadays, and global. This list is in…

fresh neck piercing by soesha

Nape piercing and rejection

Does a Nape piercing often get rejected? That depends on your skin, the placement of it, the skill of your piercer, the jewelry size or model of it, the care given to the piercing (as well as general health and…

helix piercing by soesha

Good daily hygiene

Good daily hygiene and proper healing of your piercing When you’ve just had your piercing done, or it is irritated or suffering a minor localized infection or a so called ‘piercing pimple’, it is recommended to maintain proper daily hygiene….