Information about the risks of body piercing

Information about the risks of body piercing

Information about the risks of body piercing Piercings don’t come without risks. Therefor you want to make sure you are well rested and well fed before getting a piercing. Tell your professional about use of medication or skin problems, allergies,…

Over intiem piercings

What does your doctor prescribe when you need antibiotics for your piercing?

Antibiotics for infected piercings. And what doctors prescribe for this. Below, my findings and my opinion. This is, as you read, my opinion. I am not medically trained and I do not claim to be. I am very experienced in…

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Doctors and piercings

Doctors aren’t always right. Here’s an example: A lady with a bump on her 3 months old piercing went to her doctor for advice and this is what he did: Diagnosed her with so called fatty tissue on her piercing…

Over de surface anchor

Two common body reactions on piercings

On the picture is a rejecting navel piercing. It doesn’t always look like this on everyone though. With piercings there are two main things that occur frequently. These are migration and rejection. Migration means that the piercing litterally moves from…

Alcohol and healing piercings

What about alcohol and piercings? Drinking alcohol during the healing period of a piercing is strongly discouraged because it prolongs the healing process. Even when you drink through a straw. This is certainly true with oral piercings (piercings in the…

Scars and piercings

Scars and piercings

Scar tissue and discoloration are relatively common on piercing. This can also occur when the piercing was done correctly but healing is difficult.

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