Over intiem piercings

What does your doctor prescribe when you need antibiotics for your piercing?

Antibiotics for infected piercings. And what doctors prescribe for this. Below, my findings and my opinion. This is, as you read, my opinion. I am not medically trained and I do not claim to be. I am very experienced in…

FAQ about bumps and lumps on  piercings

FAQ about bumps and lumps on piercings

Some sort of red fleshy tissue sticks out of my navel piercing (belly button piercing) What could it be? What can I do about it? Will it go away? That red fleshy tissue, I think there’s a big chance it’s…

piercing skin soesha

Doctors and piercings

Doctors aren’t always right. Here’s an example: A lady with a bump on her 3 months old piercing went to her doctor for advice and this is what he did: Diagnosed her with so called fatty tissue on her piercing…

cheek piercing problem

A little know how about cheek piercing

How do I take care of my cheek piercings? You take care of a cheek piercing in the same way you would clean a medusa, monroe, or other lip piercing. With saline on the outside and mouthwash on the inside….

The hot chamomile tea compress

In some cases a local inflammation such as the so called piercing pimple will not heal as quick as we might want with the regular saline soaks. In this case you might want to try the chamomile tea compress. This…