Doe het zelf piercing

Deze Website Wordt Nu In Het Engels Weergegeven

Maar de Nederlandse versie is veel completer! Ik vertaal alles zelf, in mijn eentje. Dus deze is nog niet helemaal af. Ik probeer wel alle nieuwe artikelen direct te vertalen maar ook dit lukt niet altijd. Als je Nederlands spreekt,…

Soesha Uitbraak Protocol

Outbreak protocol

To safeguard both your health and ours, we’ve established an outbreak protocol effective immediately. All of these rules apply until otherwise indicated. Why? Safety first, as always. None of these rules make our job and biggest passion more fun, although…

tips for your upcoming appointment

Tips for your upcoming appointment

Are you getting a new piercing? Tips For Your Upcoming Appointment Make sure your body is fit and healthy. Make sure to be well rested in the night before your appointment. Eat well in the 4 hours prior to your…

List of reputable Piercers International

List of reputable Piercers International

Unfortunately, I was not able to judge 9 out of 10 piercers or studios on this list myself, but based on experiences of acquaintances, meetings at conferences and assessments of people I trust, I dare to put on this list….

Soesha Uitbraak Protocol

The house rules of Soesha

These are exactly taken over from the framed rules handing on the wall of the store. If you have any questions about one or more of the rules below, do not hesitate to drop me a line. These rules have…