appointment waitlist

Appointment Waitlist

Since the outbreak, you need an appointment for every single thing you want to do within the shop. Whether it’s for a jewellery change, an order pick-up, a fresh new piercing, a consult, advice, jewellery curation or anatomy consult, or…

Outbreak Protocol

Due to the outbreak and to ensure the security of both clients and piercers, some new regulations have been set. Safety first, as always There is a protocol to follow when you have an appointment and come to the store….

tips for your upcoming appointment

Tips for your upcoming appointment

Are you getting a new piercing? Tips For Your Upcoming Appointment Make sure your body is fit and healthy. Make sure to be well rested in the night before your appointment. Eat well in the 4 hours prior to your…

List of reputable Piercers International

List of reputable Piercers International

You may already know the Dutch list of reputable piercers, this is its International brother. Hence the name: reputable piercers international. Unfortunately, I was not able to judge 9 out of 10 piercers or studios on this list myself, but…

SoeshaPiercing: The Infirmary, the making of a piercing studio Chapter III

The house rules of Soesha

These are exactly taken over from the framed rules handing on the wall of the store. If you have any questions about one or more of the rules below, do not hesitate to drop me a line. These rules have…