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Clitoral hood piercing jewellery

Where can I purchase jewellery for my clitoral hood piercing and what should I look out for?

A clitoral hood piercing can be placed vertically or horizontally.

In the case of a vertical clitoral hood piercing, it will preferably be placed and worn with a curved barbell. A ring is not impossible, it can be uncomfortable in some builds.

Whether we’re talking of a vertical clit hood piercing or a horizontal clit hood piercing, the thickness of the ring or barbell should never be less than 1.6mm a.k.a. 14ga.

With a horizontal clitoral hood piercing, I would recommend a ring or a circular barbell, but a ring is more effective if you’re looking for the stimulation effect of the piercing. A ball closure ring a.k.a. captive bead ring or a segment ring or a circular barbell are fine. In this case, a barbell or curved barbell are ofte discouraged because it can cause irritation and migration when the body holds it’s normal posture because of the pressure the outer labia and the legs will be posing on the jewellery. I have seen people wearing this type of jewellery but often it was because they were having trouble with the piercings and indeed it caused irritation.

The diameter of the ring or length of the bar will vary from person to person. It will rarely be smaller than 9mm diameter on a ring or 8mm length on a bar though.

Speaking of materials I will recommend titanium or Bioplast first hand because those are hypoallergenic but implant grade ASTM F138 steel is fine too. Bioplast is often more comfortable when worn in a vertical clitoral hood piercing because it is flexible and moves along with the body. This way it will not cause irritation or unwanted sensations.

You can purchase these in my webshop of course, but a reputable piercing shop will have these in stock for you as well.