Does a piercing close back up?

Does a piercing close back up?

Some do, some don’t.
The longer you’ve had your piercing, the bigger the chances of the hole remaining more or less open. But this doesn’t go for all types of piercing. All piercings in the mucous type of skin, such as, the mouth and the genitals, mostly heal much faster and also close back up faster as well. Oral piercings and genital piercings heal much faster, so even if you’ve had it for a long while, they still could be closed back up within the hour.

Some examples:

Christina Piercing: yes and no, most people have good healing properties which ensures that almost all piercings close back up when abandoned. But a Christina piercing can often be compared to a navel piercing (a.k.a. belly button piercing) because, after having worn it for over a year and a half the hole can remain open such as that of an earring, it coudl shrink a bit which makes jewelry insertion difficult to do yourself or at home but it often still remains open.

CheekPiercing: The inside of a cheek piercing is in the mucous membrane of the mouth. And that is one of the bodyparts that heal the fastest. So the inside might close back up quickly while you can still see a tiny hole on the outside.

When the hole is still open it is discouraged to have it repierced in risk of creating excess scarring where it wouldn’t have been needed. Have your piercing checked out by a professional before deciding to repierce it.