Gesloten wegens lockdown

Cov-i-drama and how you can help Soesha

I’ve started calling it the Cov-i-Drama. We all know it by now, all over the world. Many entrepreneurs are falling in debt due to the measures taken by the government – and rightly so – to flatten the curve.

This means that the brick and mortar shop of Soesha had to close its doors until lockdown has been lifted. But bills keep coming in though, so how can we ensure Soesha doesn’t have to close it’s doors permanently? I’ve set up a few solutions that may at least help my business out a bit.

But first let’s applaud some people

For the hard workers who keep us all going now. Like the people in the health care sector and the people that came back to that sector to help out, but also the teachers, customer service employees, account managers, accountants, supermarket employees, system administrators … all people who have suddenly become or have become very important, but now their value is once again put in the spotlight. For all these people who still perform their work excellently in the domestic chaos that we all live in now. Thank you.

Standing ovation!


So how can you help?

Become a Patron!

A table of contents:

  1. Donate
  2. Patreon
  3. Online Consultations
  4. Sharing is Caring
  5. Discounted Gift Cards
  6. Remember The Capsule Machine?
  7. Free Shipping
  8. Read This
  9. Google Review
  10. NEW! Soesha Fan Merch!

There’s Ko-Fi you can use for that, which is some sort of tip jar, and of course the PayPal “donate” button. You can donate anything you want.

Option 2: Patreon

Most interesting for you is Patreon. You pay either $1 or $5 per month so you get (respectively) all access to all articles on this blog except genital and nipple work, or ALL access to EVERYTHING on this blog.

Become a Patron!

Option 3: Online consultations are still possible.

Option 4: Sharing is caring

Follow my social media channels and share posts from my account and like and comment on them. This stimulates (from what I understand) the engagement of my posts which in turn expose my account to a wider audience and therefor attract more viewers to my accounts and – if these new viewers are as pleased with my content as you are – will follow me.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

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Een bericht gedeeld door Emmie. met “ie” (@soeshapiercing) op

Option 5: Discounted Gift cards!

Purchase a PAPER gift card with 10% discount with code PAPIBON via the webshop, I’ll send this one out with regular mail, there’s no expiry date, and this way you can already save up some money for your dream piercing. This special is valid until 19th of January 2021 at midnight.

This special cannot be combined with other specials

Option 6: Remember that capsule machine?

A toy machine, capsule machine with hidden surprises. You can spin once for € 2. Then you get a capsule ball with something in it. What can it contain? 1, 2 or 3 pieces of piercing jewelry, plugs, tunnels, belly button jewelry, tongue piercing jewelry, earrings … But also coupons, golden tickets, hidden treasures such as:

  • Free piercing fee (the price of piercing is totally free, you just have to pay for the jewellery),
  • 15% discount,
  • 25% discount,
  • €20 shopping value,

CoviDrama. We all know it by now. This means that Soesha is closed and no piercing procedures can be executed. So how can we ensure Soesha can open back it’s doors once all of this is over?

So have a good look at the card inside the capsule! As long as I keep cleaning up my stock the capsules will keep getting filled, with a coupon here or there, as long as discontinued stocks last. Exchanges are not possible.

Of course you can’t come to the shop right now because of COVID-19

But what you can do is: Donate € 4 (because domestic regular mail shipping is included) via the PayPal “donate” buttons on the blog (or click here on the word “donate“), add in the comments of your donation the word “capsule” and the amount of capsules you want to get (€4 = 1 capsule+shipping), make sure the address information set up on your PayPal account are up to date because I will use those to send you the contents of your capsule(s).

This special cannot be combined with other specials

Become a Patron!

Option 7: Free shipping on your order!

Place and order of €30 or more via the webshop and get free domestic shipping!No code necessary! Because I’ve added lovely new items. I also have a live chat widget on there with which I can help you directly to pick out the proper items, or help you with sizing, aftercare, what would be best in your specific case and more. This special is valid until lockdown has lifted.

This special is not to be combined with other specials.

Covidrama, we all know it by now. This means that the Soesha store is closed, so how do we ensure that Soesha continues to exist?

Option 8: Read this article on the blog for more information about opening hours and the like during the Coronacrisis.

Check out this article to read what this entails for Soesha and what else you could do. Such as following the @soeshapiercing instagram account and liking, commenting and sharing content, or do the same thing with the SoeshaPiercing Facebook Page.

Option 9: Google review

If you want to thank Soesha, I always do greatly appreciate a Google review. And this is Always Free of Charge.

Optie 10: Soesha Fan Merch!

Rep your Soesha Fandom now by carrying your groceries in this tote from now on. Or a Soesha Fan Facemask, or Stickers, or Buttons… View and Purchase them here.

De Soesha Fan tote.
De doos was amper open of ik was al verliefd op de textuur de afwerking, de druk… alles! Ik ben heel benieuwd wat jij ervan vindt.

Anyway, every little bit helps and I thank you in advance for reading this article, for your understanding, for your donation for your support and for sharing this blog on social media.