Doctors and piercings

Doctors aren’t always right. Here’s an example:

A lady with a bump on her 3 months old piercing went to her doctor for advice and this is what he did:

  • Diagnosed her with so called fatty tissue on her piercing
  • Prescribed antibacterial cram called Fucidin (which is quite strong stuff that is monstly prescribed in cases of infected eczema, skin infections, dermatitis or impetigo)
  • He recommended her to regularly treat it with silvernitrate (solution to fight hypergranulation tissue).

These are three entirely different things that are treated as one and the same by this physician.

Of course she wnet and consulted me shortly after noticing no change what so ever, except slight worsening of the situation. After taking a short look at it I could determine that we were dealing with a so called piercing pimple. this should certainly not get any ointments or creams on it but regular saline soaks and maybe just one daily gentle wash with a mild unscented soap such as Neutral 0% during one week. After the first week she would be noticing clear changes and the skin should be soothed quite a bit already. If not, there are other mild solutions to this problem but certainly not three different ones at once that actually have nothing to do with each other.

So a little message for physicians and medicine practitioners everywhere: if you have any doubt as how to treat or look at a certain piercing problem, consult with an experienced professional piercer.