Earrings are piercings too!

Earrings are piercings too!

Time and time again people come in the store and ask if I also sell earrings. Of course I do!

Or, I tell someone what I do for a living and they react with “oh that’s not for me, I don’t have piercings.”. Heck yeah you do! What do you think those lobe holes are? Piercings!


noun: a small hole in a part of the body, made so as to insert a ring, stud, or other piece of jewellery.

A jeweller pierces lobes with a gun.

A tool that cannot be sterilised, therefore isn’t safe. The jeweller isn’t trained in aseptic procedures nor proper piercing or anatomy or any of it, but does sell earrings. A Body Piercer is an experienced professional in perforating the skin to wear jewellery through it. No matter where the hole is made. So lobes too.

Which means I don’t only sell big gauges bad ass heavy metal rings with beads and plugs and balls for carticlage, nostril, lip, navel… piercings, but also earrings. And it works both ways.

Threaded ends that for instance are mostrly seen as microdermal attachments, are often also suitable to be worn as earrings! It all depends on the size of the post and the size of the threading. The rest is merely a question of taste, comfort and quality. The brands I recommend for proper piercing jewellery also sell earrings as you know them from jeweller stores, but of much better quality and made, often by hand, with attention to detail and finish to promote best wear and longevity of not only the piece but also (more even) your skin’s health. Need I say more?

Diamond silhouette earrings by Tawapa

Do you experience issues with your earrings? Are you looking for a certain kind of earring? Do you feel you developed an allergy or other type of reaction to certain earrings or materials? You haven’t worn earrings for a long while and now you think they might have grown shut and you have to have them repierced (not necessarily!)? I can help you with that as well!

Have a look on the websites of Industrial Strength and BVLA for top notch quality gorgeous jewellery and contact me for prices and details any time you like.