List of reputable Piercers International

You may already know the Dutch list of reputable piercers, this is its International brother. Hence the name: reputable piercers international. Unfortunately, I was not able to judge 9 out of 10 piercers or studios on this list myself, but…

Booking an appointment

Voor Nederlands klik op de vlaggen hierboven.Pay attention! When booking an appointment I assume that you have read this article completely and agree with this. You also must abide the house rules. If any of these weren’t read or aren’t followed…

List of reputable piercers in The Netherlands

Here is my list of all reliable piercers that I can think of / find in the Netherlands. This list is in my personal opinion. With this I don’t claim it’s based on facts but only on my personal and…

SoeshaPiercing: The Infirmary, the making of a piercing studio Chapter III

Recently I saw someone jump from one website to another because the first website didn’t have it’s house rules on the site. Therefore, here they are. These are exactly taken over from the framed rules handing on the wall of…

The guts to walk in a tattoo or piercing studio

On holiday in Czech Republic. By car. I love to check out tattoo shops everywhere I go, be it on google maps or in real life. But most of times I will be too scared to enter the actual shop….

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