Expensive piercing

soesha piercing kwaliteitAs I told you in one of my previous articles, some piercings are more expensive than others because of the use of quality jewellery or brand jewellery.

Quality jewellery is very important in piercings.

The jewellery stays litterally in your skin for a longer period of time, during healing and after, so the jewellery should be manufactured with care. And if they should also look nice, such as gold or gemstones, then the price will go up.

When you chose quality and durability and the quality of a well experienced capable trustworthy piercer, you could expect the price to go a little up accordingly.

This, compared to having it done by an untrained person in a shop or mall or worse even, at home. You get what you pay for is how the saying goes. But apparently not everyone knows or realises it.

What I don’t understand is this: The hairdresser costs easily between 50 and 150 euros, the nail salon ranges around 40 euro each time and you have to go back there every once in a while too. That’s quite the expense really. But when you get a quality piercing, a more expensive piercingĀ at a quality shop prices range somewhere around 35 and 150 euro but you probalby won’t have to return to pay that amount again for the same one. And still a lot of people complain that it’s too expensive!

You can’t explain that.