Further stretching my lobes

Further stretching my lobes

I started stretching my lobes a long time ago as you can read in another article I posted earlier. I’ve had them at 5/8″ of 16 mm for a year or two now.

I’ve spent a lot of money on nice, high quality jewelry by fine brands such as Diablo Organics, Tawapa, Quetzalli… Recently I bought a pair of gorgeous Manakees from this shop on Etsy. I love them. One downside though… They’re much heavier than I expected. I normally have no problem wearing heavier jewelry at all but in this case it pulled my lobes longer and wasn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing.

I still want to start wearing them so I decided that if I stretched my lobes bigger, the pull wouldn’t reveal as much skin. So there I go.

Step 1: 18 mm diameter. No more than 2mm per time stretching is the rule.

[we now know of course that this is incorrect and you’d want to stretch with a maximum of 1 millimeter a time, with a 3 months break at least between stretching]

Of course this doesn’t go perfectly in one go, that would’ve been too good to be true. As I’ve known, one of my earlobes is very easily stretched and keeps its elasticity, but the other is very stubborn.

The right thing to do would be to go for the tape method instead of the tapers to give my right earlobe, the stubborn one, more time to adapt and heal. So I purchased PTFE tape and went by the book and rolled one layer over a pair of glass plugs I had lying around and put them back in. My left earlobe was very easy. I could put the plug back in as if nothing happened but the right one needed some emu oil to help it out.

Two days later, ears all calm and thick, i added another layer of tape and put them back in. And I went on this schedule for a while, addin a layer of tape after 2 to 4 days. One night I took them out for their layering and was cursious to see how far I was so I measured them: 17mm. Yep, even I get impatient at times. I added another layer and put them back in, on with the show.

And then, december 31st 2014, new year’s eve. I wanted to wear pretty plugs or tunnels that evening. But those taped around glass ones weren’t gonna cut it. So, at work in the studio, on my break, I purchased nice steel tunnels with epoxy layered rhinestones on them in 18mm and wanted to see if I could fit them in. I started with my easier, left earlobe of course.

Generous amount of water based lubricant on the taper, tip of it in the earlobe, inhale, push on exhale, and done!

I was sweating a bit, because stretching your own is always a bit more exciting and scary because you can’t really see what you’re doing so you have to be very careful and attentive to any sensitivity. It didn’t hurt, I felt a bit of pressure on the last bit but no more than that. Wiped off the lube, screwed the tunnel closed and yay! Done! And now for the other one. Same story: lube, tip, inhale, push, exhale… nope… wouldn’t budge. Ouch! Okay, that’s where I drew the line. I carefully removed the taper and put the taped plug I had in before back where it was. Too bad, so dissapointing…

So now I have one pretty lobe and one butt ugly one… But yeah, i prefer that over a tear or blow out any day!

wpid-imag4083_1.jpgWhen I got home that evening, of course I couldn’t accept looking like that for New Year’s Eve. So I grabbed my acrylic white plug and precisely taped it until it’s diameter reached 17mm and the acrylic was fully covered. This because acrylic is not suitable for long term wear.

[We now know you don’t want to stick acrylic jewellery with a ten feet pole]

So now you don’t see the layers of tape and I can still look reasonably fashionable.

And that’s where I am now. I’ll update whithin 2months when I can stretch the stubborn one to 18mm finally and let you know how it went. [which I never did. Today, 24th october 2019 I’ve stretched them to 25mm and then let them shrink back down to 12mm and today I’m back on 19mm with some fancy concave double flared hematite plugs by Evolve]