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Genital piercings FAQ

(V) I noticed smelly puss on my clit piercing… now what?

Read more about puss on this website by using the search engine and contact you physician. Don’t take out the jewelry!

(V) Can I get an clithood piercing as well as a Christina piercing?

Mostly yes. But it depends on your anatomy. But in most cases, one won’t harm the other as they won’t touch.

(V) How can I remove my clit hood piercing jewelry?

A clithood piercing has either a curved barbell type jewelry or a captive bead ring or ball closure ring type jewelry placed through the hood, thin skin right above the clitoris. This type of skin is the same as that of the inner labia. This region is continuously kept clean by the normal female flora of bacteria. Thanks to these bacteria, the skin in this region heals really fast. This is very comparable to the inside of the mouth. A wound or damage to this type of skin can often heal within the hour, this of course depending on the size of the hole or scar. A piercing could as well grow shut really fast. But this of course isn’t the same on every body. It could take a day and if the piercing has been there for over a year or longer sometimes it is fully accepted by the body so it won’t grow shut as quickly. You could abandon the piercing if you don’t want it any more but make sure you are certain you won’t regret it. How to remove a ring or bar is described in another article on the website you can find easily by searching with the search engine above.

(V) How do I know of my anatomy would allow for a clit hood piercing?

To find that out there is a ‘test’ you could perform yourself. Take a clean q-tip:

• Lubricate or humidify the tip of it with a bit of water or water based lubricant.

• Find the upside down ‘v’ of your clit hood.

• Try to lift the hood a bit from your body

• Gently try and place the tip of your q-tip under it

• If the natural fold of your skin can’t cover the tip of your q-tip, you probably aren’t a good candidate for this piercing, try moving the tissue a bit as to still cover a bit of the tip of your q-tip (it doesn’t have to lay there by itself to allow for the piercing but it has to be able to cover it a little or more).

If this is a success, a vertical clithood piercing shouldn’t be a problem.

(V) Is the jewelry of my clit hood piercing too small?

If you still find discomfort with wearing your jewelry after the first week this could be the case. There are two types of clithood piercings: the vertical and the horizontal one. The vertical one is mostly placed with a curved barbell type jewelry. The upper ball or top of this type of jewelry is visible on top of the skin and the lower one is in most cases visible right underneath the hood or upside down “v” shaped skin of your vulva  so it easily comes in contact with your clitoris. The horizontal one is mostly placed with a captive bead ring or ball closure ring of which the bead rests on your clitoris. If any of this is different on you, it could be you are wearing the wrong jewelry, wrong size, wrong type or the piercing wasn’t done the way it should be.

(V) Has my clit hood piercing grown shut?

A piercing is the mucous skin such as the inside of the mouth and the genital area can heal quite quickly. So yes, it could very well be the case. But it’s also often hard or difficult to find the hole back again when you removed jewelry because of the type of skin in that area. Gently try again under the shower maybe but do not force it, if it hurts, stop.

(V) How can I prevent or fight those bumps on a clithood piercing?

These types of bump are often causes by tears, pressure or friction. Make sure you don’t wear lace undies during healing and leaveit alone as much as possible. A small bump is often permanent. You could try saline soaks if you’re early though.

(V) Where do I buy clit hood jewelry?

See the article above to define the type of piercing you have. Most piercing shops will carry those or you could find it on the internet. Consult your piercer to find out what size jewelry you have before buying something you could be disappointed with. also the piercer could help you with the insertion of the jewelry.

(V) My clithood piercing jewelry sort of dissapears under my clithood, how come? What can I do about it?

It could be that the jewelry is too small or that your anatomy simply doesn’t allow the lower ball to be seen when it rests on your clitoris correctly. It could also of course be the case that the piercing wasn’t placed properly.

(V) How do I care for my labia piercing?

The inner labia piercings often heal very easily with drinking plenty of water, leaving it alone as much as possible and keep king a good daily hygiene. Saline soaks twice daily are a very good way to keep it clean down there without harming the natural balance. Avoid thight clothes and lace undies during the first 2 weeks. Once fully healed, daily showers and clean underwear should be enough.

(V) Is it true that Christina piercings are often rejected?

A Christina piercing is sort of a surface piercing so it is more susceptible for rejection. But of course, correct placement, jewelry and care also play a role in preventing this.

(V) How can I remove my Christina piercing jewelry?

Mostly it will be a curved barbell almost like a navelpiercing jewelry or belly button piercing jewelry. One or both balls are  threaded and can be removed by twisting them gently. Make sure your piercing is fully healed before trying and always wash your hands. A piercing without jewelry can grow shut, keep that in mind when removing the jewelry.

(M) Where can I have a Prince Albert piercing done?

I perform these in the studio, contact me for prices and opening hours. A prince albert is mostly performed with you lying down. The tissue that gets pierced is really thinner than what you can see. A ring or curved barbell is placed initially. After the procedure, you could have some bleeding during the first two weeks tops. I recommend wearing pantiliners to prevent staining your underwear and providing the best hygiene.

(V/M) Does a nipple piercing grow shut quickly? Can I keep breastfeeding?

The skin of the nipple is very tight and can shrink rather quickly when the jewelry is removed. Make sure you try to re insert the jewelry with some lubricant or after a warm shower to make the passage easier and more comfortable.

A nipple piercing shouldn’t be a problem for breastfeeding. You can remove the jewelry during feeding and reinsert it afterwards. It’s normal to have colostrum leaking out the holes of the piercing.

(M) What is the best way to do the first stretching of my Prince Albert piercing?

Make sure the piercing is fully healed first. When in doubt, wait longer. Take the smallest steps possible. When it hurts, leave it alone for 2 weeks and try again with a smaller size tha you tried before. Use the proper tools and lubricant, water based preferably, wait at least 3 months between two sizes for genital stretching mostly.

 (V) What can I do to fight swelling on my clit hood piercing?

Keep it clean, leave it alone and drink lots of water. Most the the discomfort should be over after 4 days approximately. If it’s not the case you could be dealing with irritation or an infection. Consult you physician.