Over intiem piercings

Genital piercings

Christina piercing

Chistina piercing performed by me. This one is fresh and the purple you see is the ink I mark the placement with.


A Pubis piercing

Here is a handful of the genital piercings I’ve performed. Of course I have done more, may more but most of my clients prefer me not to take a picture for obvious reasons. These are mostly freshly pierced. You don’t see blood on these pictures, just some gentian violet ink here and there. I say this because some have asked.

piercings bodycult en pirat 122

A vertical clithood piercing.


A prince albert, healed, that I had just stretched to 4mm. Both the piercing and the stretching were done by me.

Because of the asymmetry of this woman’s anatomy I had to work with it to make it as functional and esthetic as possible.


A fresh Triangle piercing, the horizontal clithood was not done by me. I love doing the triangle.


A freshly done vertical clithood piercing. Again, her asymmetrical build led me to adapt the placement.

I love doing most piercings that require a decent amount of precision and finesse.


This lady had her triangle performed by me as well but unfortunately lost the jewellery. She wanted to have it repierced that day but the scar wasn’t healed enough to be sure of problem free healing so she had to wait for it. Instead, she chose to have her Christina pierced.


Another Christina piercing. The angle of the picture is less than perfect unfortunately.


A freshly done Prince Albert piercing. The picture below is of the same one, on a different angle.