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  1. Amazing costumer service as always! i have learned so much from her about all things body piercing and more. One of the best overall experiences i’ve ever had with a piercer, and i can’t wait to go back somewhere near the future!

  2. I read your beautiful suspension experience. Now here and there I’m goog’ling what others are doing and it was just one of thousands findings, one I clicked, one I definitely liked. There are not many that detailed stories even on BME (and new stories are becoming rare, are hidden in Facebook behind “you need to register” walls).

    I was particularly fascinated by both, the similarities and the differences to my experience.

    And some other things you realize long after. 17 (oh yes… a long time) years ago, when I started experimenting with my first DIY piercings (I still wear), I never realized these would come out as rite of passage. But they did. I was never very self-confident, and always shy. Sounds ridiculous as 1.90 male, close to the end of chemistry, science study at university. …but it was like that. After the piercings (navel, nipples, sternum, shoulder, upper arm) I realized, they will be obvious, when I go swimming in the summer. After that, I stayed considerably more self confident. I realized this rite of passage nature years later.

    But back to the topic: body-suspension. You did not do the most simple one as beginning. 2 hooks suicide does mean quite a lot of force on the skin, thus a lot of pain.

    I learned that myself too. Starting with 4 point suicide (larger, heavier, probably comparable), no it was not that difficult to go up, but the experience wasn’t perfect. It was good, but, there was too much “hooked” feeling remaining up in air.

    Luckily I’m rather pain tolerant, as long as there is not an acute injury (e.g. tearing of the skin) going on, the strong pull never was an issue. During sports or hard physical work (side-job) I quite regularly have worse muscle pains, than pain of the skin, during beginning of suspension. (definitely excruciating is not the right word, but thinking about a recent running experiment (not my sport, no no no), excruciating was absolutely right)

    Doing my first suspension (and in contrary to every other one later), I had some rather weird feeling remaining, during suspension time. I felt like I’d lay with my belly, with my ribs on something hard. I felt the force pulling the skin on the back – on the other side of the body.

    Still, adrenaline, endorphins light (severe endorphins I had after this messed up running experiment… and I’d like to avoid repeating that, my Achilles tendon was sore for months) did their job, it was a good experience. A rite of passage “I did it”.

    But the real experience I got 2 months later. More hooks. A superman suspension. There are different issues. When I saw the amount of material, about to be installed into me, I seriously thought “am I completely mad now, why I’m doing that”. Getting 12 piercings… is an issue. Definitely it was the most painful part this time. Pulling, hanging, was mild in comparison. And that gave the feeling… flying, floating… for hours. I’m not that much in spinning, and so on, but therefore I absolutely like to suspend calmly, and a superman works well… very very well…
    The same for the angel suspension.

    About 10 years ago I finished my dream, my rite of passage, by getting the angel suspension hooks permanently pierced (very large, 4g – surface barbells) by one of your colleagues in Amsterdam. The piercings work, and suspending from them works too.

    And it changed the feelings again. Installing hooks now is a bit of careful work (e.g. not to lose any piercing (body-) parts, avoid mixing up the piercings (minor differences… enough they do not fit that well to mixed up places, work clean… but not necessarily sterile, hey its healed), and pain free. The first times suspending then was quite painful (no endorphins to that point), recently it became more easy, but the floating feeling still kicks in perfectly.

    It allows quite fast actions, not much preparation required. And the aftercare is quite a bit interesting too. Change hooks back to the (cleaned, disinfected) piercings. No blood (or maybe a tiny bit at one spot), no air sucked in (this I really really really appreciate). Piercings are a bit sore, but OK a night after (and driving from Switzerland to the eastern edge of Austria quite requires a good and healthy back).

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