International Piercing Day 2019 calls for celebration!

International Piercing Day 2019 calls for celebration!

It’s Body Piercing’s Grandpa’s birthday (Jim Ward) and on his birthday we celebrate Internationa Piercing Day worldwide!

International Piercing Day 2019, what’s that mean? Special? Discount code? Giveaway?

Well, something like that.

Simple standard silver-coloured titanium (not with anodized jewellery, not by appointment, not with high-end jewellery, only with implant-worthy silver-coloured titanium), placed sterile for half the price! Be there on time because scheduling an appointment for this day is not possible!

Don’t forget to read the aftercare instructions because this time you will not receive a detailed explanation as you would normally get from me.

Not possible on this day:

  • Septum
  • Nipple
  • Intimate
  • Surface
  • Industrial
  • Cheeks
  • Daith
  • Smiley
  • Tongueweb
  • Stretching
  • Big gauge lobe piercings.

To sum it up:

All piercings with standard silver coloured titanium jewellery without gem 50% discount. No stack discount!

The shop is then open from noon til 5PM.

Check-ups or consultations not possible on this day. No access for people under the age of 16 (normally yes, but not June 28). Giftcards/certificates are not valid on this day.

Proof of identification (ID card or passport, NO photo) required.

(Note: This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.)