Lip or labret piercing stretching

How do you stretch a labret piercing? Is there a difference when stretching the upper lip or the lower lip?

There are muscles in the lip, therefor it’s slightly more difficult to stretch piercings in the lip, it is more sensitive and doesn’t stretch as quickly as the earlobes for example.

Also you wouldn’t want a blow out in your lip, as you wouldn’t want it in your earlobe either but in the middle of your face? well…

As you now know from the other article about stretching, you should look out to use the right materials, patience and care. Not only the right jewellery type and material but also size is very important.

When stretching your lip piercing make sure you don’t skip sizes. One millimeter per 3 months is fast enough as it is. Often you will have to chose half millimeters. Delrin, PTFE and glass are really the only good materials to stretch your lip piercings with. Best is to dead stretch them or use the tape method.

Starting at a size of about 6 or 8mm you will be able to start wearing oval labrets on the lower lip.

These often have to be custom made. You want to slowly change the shape of your jewellery for that.  Philtrum piercings had about the same specs really. The back of the jewellery will have to be adapted to the placement with bigger sizes as the flat back can start to irritate the gums and teeth when getting too big. Best is to have the back custom made for you.

So smaller steps, adequate jewellery and materials and prepare to be patient. Good care and rest is the main thing you should remember when wanting to stretch any piercing really. Also on lip piercings when stretching you might need a longer bar post than 10mm since it will swell and shrink every now and then when healing. It’s a little more sensitive when stretching because of pressure on the muscles and the philtrum is one of the most nerve ridden places on your face. Again, when in doubt, get advice from a professional who can take a look at you, your piercings and advise you face to face. When you want to start stretching a piercing it has to be healed for at least 3 months before starting.