List of reputable Piercers International

Unfortunately, I was not able to judge 9 out of 10 piercers or studios on this list myself, but based on experiences of acquaintances, meetings at conferences and assessments of people I trust, I dare to put on this list.

This is therefore the list of reputable international piercers.

Because not all piercers are equal and not all piercers with a license are reliable.

Disclaimer !:

This list is in my personal opinion.

I am not thereby saying that it is based on facts but only on my personal and professional opinion. I like these piercers.

This means that I trust them on professionalism, hygiene, accuracy, quality, quality jewellery, quality and knowledge in the field of aftercare … I would entrust my body to them.

Maybe this list doesn’t include piercers that are also very good, that you think are good or who should be on the list for one reason or another. Maybe they are not on it because I have no experience with them or because I think they are very good but I have also occasionally seen things from them that I have doubts about. Or maybe they have a very good reputation, but I find that completely wrong, that of course is also a possibility.

I, myself, am incredibly critical and picky.

That means that I also choose my artists that way, whether it’s a haircut, nail polish, tattoo, piercing, body modification (implants, tongue splitting, for example) or other artists to whom I entrust part of my body, temporary or not. I have often learned the hard way myself. This made me even more choosy.

It is therefore not insult if a piercer is not on this list, but perhaps a compliment if a piercer is on it.

These are not only piercers, but sometimes entire piercing studios. Also, you can now view these on a map (that will porbably be more up to date than the lists on this website since it’s also more handy to look for one in your area). Click here to view the map.

But occasionally only some piercers from certain piercing studios, so if there are names in the brackets, that means that I can only recommend them.

België: Pirate Piercing Turnhout, Pirate Piercing AntwerpAbraxas piercing Genk.

Ireland: State of the Arts tattoo

Deutschland: Inky & Stretchy Neu-Isenberg, Hellermod Berlin (Michael Heller).

Switzerland: Hellfire, Thun.

United Kingdom: Love Hate social Club London (Nicole)Maria Tash Liberty London (Charlie, Peter)Bold and Gold body art Edinburgh (Nikki)Reb3l studios Aberdeen (Maree)Blue Lotus NewCastle (Nici, Seb).

Italia: MicromutazioniIndustrial Strength ItaliaIndastriaVirgoz studioGhirigori Family (Bruno)

France: Tribalact Paris (Oceane, Seb)Dysmorphic Body Art Lyon, France, L’atelier 140Châlons-en-Champagne, France, Ellipsoïd Tattoo Shop Troyes, France.

This list is regularly updated, since I certainly do not have all reputable piercers on it.

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