Custom order: Delivery times

You now know that you can place orders with me for special jewelry from high-end brands such as:

Because the jewelry of these brands are almost always made to order and fabricated abroad, the delivery/turn-over time is generally around 3-6 months.

Previously, I did my best to place an order with the corresponding supplier almost immediately after a deposit was made to ensure it would arrive as quickly as possible and you could be made happy ASAP. Given the fact that the above companies need around 3 months to deliver an order, it ended up unfeasable for me. (Check here the additional conditions for placing a custom order by the way).

When Mr or Mrs X placed an order with brand Y, I’d wait about week or two for any more orders with brand Y and then I sent the order. For small orders of about 5 items, the shipping costs and customs costs are therefore extremely high, and that ends up on your bill (calculated in the price of the piece or pieces you ordered), which makes the jewelry more expensive than it could be. And we don’t want that, do we?

To make everyone happy I changed it to work like this.

I indicate via the newsletter when the orders for brand X are going to be sent and then you can come along for the ride by ordering on time. The rest works as usual. Orders that have been deposited for brand X after specified date and time – and the order from me has already been placed with the supplier – will unfortunately have to wait for the next batch. As a result, the waiting times are not necessarily shorter (of course I try to achieve this), but it sure feels like it is and everything is more clear for everyone.

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