Made-to-measure order: from quotation to deposit

You already know that you can place orders with me for special jewelry from high-end brands such as:

When you have seen a beautiful piece of jewellery, you naturally want to know what it costs.

So you send me an email or private message on the Facebook page or a DM to my Instagram account.

What I usually get is: “I have seen this piece from this brand or this website or on this friend (with possibly an image of the jewel or link or description) and I want this for my piercing, what does it cost?”.

Since there are many possibilities for body piercing jewelry, I have to know a lot more than what I get from 9 out of 10 e-mails.

And let me tell you, there are many. And that’s great! That’s absolutely not a complaint. That’s what I want, I offer it for a reason because I want to make you happy with your favorite dream jewel. But the problem is that the 5x back and forth mailing is time consuming just so I can find out what specifications you should have so that I can then tell you what jewelry you should get and what it can cost (large or mini budget, just for the sake of clarity, there’s something for everyone of course).

In order to be able to serve you better and faster … Read everything below and send me an email / DM / pm otherwise it will take a long time.

For both of
us for the record because I want to help you as soon as possible, because
that's what I'm for, if you've met me you know that I really really mean this.

When you order a piece of jewelery from me or want to know a price for a piece of jewelry you’ve seen – online, on my instagram, my pinterest, my facebook, on a site, or poster, or anywhere else – I need extra information to let you know the price.

I need to know:

• For which piercing that is (piercing is the hole, not the jewel),

• If you want to have it from a certain brand (this is not a must but a possibility), please let me know which brand and then also the item SKU number if you have it; or a screenshot of the item if you have one; or the name of the item if you know it.

• What thickness of the post or ring in millimeters or gauges which every is easiest for you to find out. For the post or ring the thickness of that which is passing through the fistula of the piercing.

• What length (in millimeters) in the case of a post, (yes, I really need to know because larger size means more material so higher price).

• Which diameter (in millimeters) in the case of a ring (yes, I really need to know because larger size means more material so more costs)

• Which material (14k / 18k yellow gold, 14k / 18k rose gold, 14k / 18k white gold, ASTM F136 titanium, niobium, ASTM F138 steel or something else like organic materials for plugs and tunnels for example or brass etc. for earrings …) ,

• Whether you have allergies and for which you are allergic and whether you are sure (determined by an analyst or by the GP or at the hospital, not by yourself or family / friends),

• Whether it should be suitable for jewelry with internal thread or not.

• If so, if you already have or would like the post for this (if so, then I also need to know which thickness, length … everything above for the post),

• Which gems you want, whether Swarovski or real stones (and which, what kind, what material, if you want to anodise it: which color …)

• How big it all has to be (the stones, balls, detail, shape …).

• In the case of earweights or earrings, plugs etc … how heavy it may be (if you have any preference at all).

If you think “yes, but what gems or stone sizes can I choose?” Go nuts! Try something out, almost everything is possible.

Below some pictures of stones, colors and shapes.

Do not pay attention to the brands, you are not bound by them. As I said, I am concerned that I know as much as possible to process it as quickly and efficiently as possible for you (without obligation or purchase just yet of course).

Anyway, the more I know about your ideal jewel, the better I can find it and give up the price for it.

So if you send me an e-mail or message with a special order request or a search (because yes I am searching for your piece if necessary), the more information you provide, the faster your answer will be.

Have you e-mailed a while ago and have not received an answer? Then you probably have given too little information and you end up at the bottom of the pile.

I will not let you down. But the more information with your request, the sooner I can process it. That also means: the sooner I am going to process it.

And then something else:

If you have already contacted me by e-mail a few times:

Ideas were exchanged, I have looked up prices and quoted them to you, we have had some messages come back and forth about the one or the other piece of jewelry or the order or whatever … Because that’s the way things go. If you send me an email, to finalize, because now you have made a decision and you want a short summary so that I can create your special order for the down payment bla bla bla you can read all that here by the way.

Then write me the necessary information again please, please!

Because I have a very good memory and attach to all my customers. That means you too. But I can’t remember everything and it takes me an extra hour to analyze everything from all the emails that have been exchanged between you and me to figure out what your final decision was, the colors, sizes, models, prices etc etc …

So then everything above is actually valid for every email contact that we have had for your jewel.

Oh, by the way, this is part two of the “custom order” saga. View part 1 here.

If you have questions or concerns, call or WhatsApp to 070 2148937, e-mail to

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