New Solid Gold Piercing Jewellery

I believe any piercer is always looking for the best jewellery for their customer’s body piercings, right? You, as a professional piercer, may even already carry a good range of solid gold jewellery for piercings.

Purchasing Solid Gold Piercing Jewellery For Your Studio May Be Challenging At Times In The Netherlands.

The thing is, in the Netherlands prices for reliable quality solid gold piercing jewellery are often quite high. Usually these are imported from outside the EU or via an EU distributor who still charges customs and import rates on top of the wholesale prices. We must of course, always take that into account when determining our Retail sales prices to the customer. If you are unlucky, you always have a part of your range that stays in the display cases for a longer period because it is simply quite expensive for general Dutch standards. Especially because quality jewellery for piercings is something that is still quite new in our little country.

Junipurr SoeshaPiercing Invitation

And then there are of course cheaper models such as those designs without gems for example, which sell a bit faster, but when you run out of those, you have to wait for the new delivery, which can often take months to arrive.

Where Am I Going With This? Here We Go: Have You Heard Of Junipurr?

A new brand, run by a couple from Canada, who make hand polished, implant grade gold piercing jewellery. The ends are mainly threadless (system started by Neometal but now that the patent has expired, this system is also used by many other major brands of high-end piercing jewellery). Junipurr also have many clickers and seam rings (with or without detailed design and / or Swarovski Zirconia or synthetic opal for example) and if they don’t have a design yet, they will likely release some soon because they release new designs every month!

100$ Credit! Just Like That! Right After Approval Of Your Wholesale Account. No Strings Attached, No Demands, No Nothing.

Labret staafjes ASTM F 136 titanium, geschikt voor zowel inwendig schroefdraad (000120) als Threadless systemen voor body piercing sieraden. Verkrijgbaar bij SoeshaDuka (neem contact op voor de groothandel die deze fabriceert)
Labret staafjes ASTM F 136 titanium, geschikt voor zowel inwendig schroefdraad (000120) als Threadless systemen voor body piercing sieraden. Verkrijgbaar bij SoeshaDuka (neem contact op voor de groothandel die deze fabriceert)

Have a look at their Instagram account to get an idea of what I mean.

Okay, all this sounds nice of course, but how does that solve the shipping-delivery time problem? And the price range problem?

Junipurr Jewellery Soeshapiercing

Well, I will tell you: they deliver super-fast from stock as their stock is huge. So that is one. By super-fast I mean that, as an example, I have received orders only 3 days after communicating my order. Pretty fast right?

About the price: well, just have a quick look at my webshop, those are the Retail prices. Very reasonable, and that for top quality!

But it does not end there! Junipurr offers lifetime warranty. They are a corporate sponsor of the APP and they are guided by professional piercers. Adjustments and suggestions are always picked up very quickly and often immediately put into production!

I do not know a company that works that way, not in high-quality piercing jewellery anyway.

“Yes, This Is All Fine And Good. But If It Is That Good, Are There Any ‘Famous’ Piercers Who Support This Brand?”

If, like me, you are sceptical and are feeling like “yes, this is all fine and good. But if it is that good, are there any “famous” piercers who support this brand?”

Absolutely! Luis Garcia, Sala, Lola Slider, Ian Human, Andre Fernandes, Ian Bell, Pinchy, Mick Stocko, Olly Todd, Ali Pope, Rhianna Jones … Check out the Testimonials.

These professionals are very selective in the jewellery they work with and the companies they want to support for our industry. Just like me. Their opinion is relevant since they scrutinize every new presentation/proposition of new jewellery. They look at all the points that would have to be improved before deciding. These are not satisfied with “good” but only want “excellent”. Just like you, right?

Junipurr Gold Dragon Threadless End
Junipurr Gold Dragon Threadless End

If you want to see the jewellery first, then I recommend to have a look at the photos on my webshop because I took the photos of the jewellery I received, myself, and I took these with a fairly strong macro lens because I am picky and want to see all the details. Which is important since it’s going inside an open flesh wound.

Okay, Okay, But Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, because if you go to the Junipurr website, click or tap “sign up for the beta” and then use access code Soeshapiercing to sign up for a wholesale account you will not only, get accepted faster but you will also get $100 credit for samples.

Junipurr Double Millgrain Prong Synthetic Opal Threadless End 14k Solid Yellow Gold

This way you can see for yourself! They are shipping so fast, when you receive your parcel, you will be able to judge right away if I am talking nonsense or not.

And Then There’s Also This: I Am Your Contact Person, Customer Service Liaison For the Whole Of The Netherlands. Handy, Right?  

I really think that this can change the image of body piercing in the Netherlands for the better. This could thereby give our industry a little boost. Moreover, this sells easily and fast. You will never have “dead money” sitting in your display case, taking up space. I have already started selling their products and literally sold 3 of their pieces on day 1! And that is during COVID-19! While everything is running by appointment only and everything is made much more difficult for us. So, if this is selling fast now, imagine how easy it will be once all this COVID-19 drama will be over!

Junipurr Threadless Solid White Gold Gem Ends
Junipurr Threadless Solid White Gold Gem Ends

Alright, so, have a look, sign up for an account with access code Soeshapiercing and try it out. I am very curious what you think. Of course, you may always contact me if you have questions or want to talk some more about it. That is what I’m here for.

More Useful Information:

You can pay in many ways. My favourite is PayPal. You can create a battery with PayPal yourself, there you can choose to link your bank account to your PayPal. PayPal also ensures your purchases in a similar way as Visa Credit Cards do.

SoeshaPiercing Is An Official Junipurr Pro Team Member
SoeshaPiercing Is An Official Junipurr Pro Team Member