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Nipple piercing aftercare

Nipple piercings are rising in popularity again, especially for the ladies. That’s nice who wouldn’t like it, such a beautiful nipple piercing? Yet, there are a few things that can go wrong with a piercing’s healing and 9 times out of 10 it’s to blame to the aftercare or lack thereof.

So here are a few tips. A nipple piercing needs generally about 6 to 9 months to heal (on ladies that is, for men it’s about 4 months generally). During this time the following applies:

In addition to the general aftercare instructions that must always be followed for the care of a new piercing, I also want to add some helpful details for nipple piercing:

  • A tighter top or sleep / sports bra ensures that the breasts and piercings are held tightly against your body and so do not get caught on something that fast, but also that it doesn’t move too much. Because whether you feel it or not it happens.
  • A piercing should be left alone as much as possible during healing, not turning, sliding or wiggling, not even when cleaning it. That is why I always recommend a sterile physiological saline solution in the form of a spray.
  • Also make sure that the piercing is always against something clean. It is an open wound, whether you see it or not (because the holes are usually very small) and you have to deal with that properly. The “Libresse micro” panty liners offer a solution (for the ladies). That way you don’t have to put on a clean bra every day, no you just stick a panty liner on the inside of your bra against your piercing and change it daily, or twice a day. Moreover, the panty liners are nice and small so no one sees it. If you cannot find this type of panty liner then you can cut a normal one in half and use it the same way. As long as it is clean, it is fine. For men it is a good idea to wear a shirt under clothing, and of course a clean one every day.
  • And watch out with deodorant. If you use deodorant in the form of a spray it is possible that you spray deodorant on your nipple piercing unnoticed and this can irritate the piercing. Perhaps a roller is a better option to avoid such cases.
  • No swimming or sauna for now
  • Always make sure your hands are clean before cleaning your freshly or still healing pierced skin. Very important.

With many ladies it takes 4 months before most discomfort disappear. For some 6 or even 9 months, that is not surprising. That depends on your lifestyle and the menstrual cycle. Some ladies will always see small crusts appear on the piercings. In the beginning they are dark scabs, from dried blood, this is normal.

Always leave the crusties alone.

Later the crusts become whitish or slightly yellowish in color. This can be wound fluid or lymph, not bad. You can rinse it off with the shower head, but if it stays put, leave it. Some ladies keep having this slight discharge regularly, even though the piercings have healed for a long time. It is usually just a little more during your period. This is very normal. Do you find this annoying? Rinse well when you are in the shower, so the crusties loosen from your skin and get washed away. Sometimes it sticks and stays, in that case they are needed! Let it be otherwise you can get an irritation or inflammation. Your body is very smart, it protects itself so don’t worry.

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