Now Piercing French

So it begins.

Now Piercing French:

A couple months ago, maybe 6 or even a year by now, I translated this website from Dutch to English. Back then we were talking about 187 articles and the menus, the pages… etc.

It took me 3 months straight. Every waking hour of every available day, I was translating.

Now I have to to this again, but in French. But now, there are 221 articles and counting. Plus the menus and the pages and what not and of course now I have the web-shop too.

I just started a second ago, or so I though, but damn, my French is not what it used to be and I don’t know much of the french piercing-language either.

So now I have to research everything over again. Read, learn everything. All over again. But this time, in French.

Wish me luck!