Opening hours are about to change

Opening hours are about to change

Different opening hours.

Unfortunately I have to change the planning again. I get so many requests for special orders and it’s so busy in the shop that I just can’t do the special orders, the newsletter, the restocking in one day in the month anymore :P.

Love it!

But in order to be able to continue to provide good service, I have to take a slightly different approach.

  • This means that from now on all Fridays will open again! Every Friday of every month! Yay!

  • BUT! All MONDAYS that are closed again. EXCEPT the first Monday of the month.

Because yes I also thought of you, you only have time to come over on Mondays or just on Monday evenings and that’s why I keep one for you. So every first Monday of the month is open, all the other Mondays are closed.

Everything else stays the exact same:

  • All other days are open except Tuesdays and Sundays, always.
  • And Wednesday is still closed between 1 and 4 for administration.

Better? Or not? I appreciate your feedback so let’s hear it!

This starts next month so then Monday, 4th of February the shop is open. Mondays 11, 18 and 25th February are closed. Until then, everything will remain as it is now.

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