Outbreak Protocol

Due to the outbreak and to ensure the security of both clients and piercers, some new regulations have been set.

Safety first, as always

There is a protocol to follow when you have an appointment and come to the store.

the strict rules are:

If you don’t feel well, cancel your appointment

If you or someone close to you has one or more of the following symptoms, you cannot some to the studio. Please cancel your appointment, you will be refused entry on the premises.

  • Do you have, or have had in the past 14 days, one or more of the following symptoms: cold or flu like symptoms, coughing, shortness of breath and/or fever (38degrees celcius or more)?
  • Do you, at this time or in the past 14 days have or have had one or more housemates or family members with fever and/or shortness of breath?
  • Did you have the corona virus (tested in the lab) and has this been determined in the past 7 days?
  • Do you have a roommate or family member with the new corona virus (tested in the lab) and have you been in contact with this person in the past 14 days?
  • Are you in home-isolation because you have been in direct contact with someone that has contracted the new corona virus? Or have you been in the past 14 days?

Don’t shake hands

As the new corona rules command, we don’t shake hands, nor do we elbows. Just smile and wave.

Stay off your face and jewellery

You know already you aren’t allowed to touch your piercings and jewellery in the shop at Soesha, this is now even more strictly enforced. If you fail to abide this riule we’ll have to cancel your appointment and book another one at a later time. This for both your security and that of the piercer. Please also refrain from touhing anythin on the premises. Doors will be opened for you and please bring your own pen to fill in the consent forms or anything else.

No more than one person at a time.

This means that persons younger than 16 years of age are not allowed entrance in the studio for new procedures. This will be made possible later on, but right now we have to be vigilant to minimize the risks. Parent or guardian may not wait outside to prevent social nuisance on the sidewalk and also because they would have to sign for their child so it’s not possible at all.

Does your child need a check up or consult? This can also be done online. For new piercing procedures, I strongly recommend to postpone until this is safe again since the studio’s and jewellers’ stores that do allow this are not taking appropriate securlity measures.

No face mask? No service.

One piercer comes in contact with at least 30 people in one day. Of all these people, neither they nor we know for certain no one has been contaminated, which means that the piercer risks to contract the virus around 30 times per day. Thus the mask, face shield, goggles… This Personal Protection Equipment comes at a very high price, therefore I ask you, despite how you feel, to wear a facemask before entering the premises. The professional present will also be wearing face masks all day that are changed every 2 hours and a special mask during each procedure performed in the piercing room. If you’re not in the possession of a face mask we cannot supply you with one as the stocks are very low during the pandemic.

Clean hands please.

To minimize chances of your hands being contaminated, you will be asked to please disinfect your hands during 20 to 40 seconds upon entry. No rings, no watches. Check here how to go about this.

Always keep a safe distance from the professional.

When The piercer has to inspect your piercing, this always happens in the piercing room. There, they’ll ask you to lie down on the massage table. They will equip the appropriate PPE and can then relatively safely come closer. Stay on the right side of the desk/counter and on the right side of the protective plexiglass plates.

The door is always locked

No appointment? No service. Be on time also, please. Too early? wait outside, not on the sidewalk though.

Be on time

Please be on time to your appointment and knock on the door. The piercer will open the door for you on a safe distance. Please take a step back to ensure this safety measure. Too late for your appointment? even just 5 minutes? Since everything is planned super tightly to be able to clean and disinfect everything between every person that’s been on the premises, there’s no room for error. Please take this into consideration and cancel or request a new appointment when you think you’ll be late. Thanks very muhc for your cooperation.

Come alone

We surely understand mental support or plainly bringing a friend or family member is more pleasant sometimes but sadly we cannot ensure safety if you do so we have to decline at this time. If you still brought someone, they will have to wait outside no matter the weather. But not on the sidewalk, not in front of the shop due to nuisance. Children will not be treated, no exceptions, safety first. For both you, the piercer, the other clients and your child.

Keep your things on your person.

We disinfect an enormous amount of things and times in between all clients, but it would still be safer for both you and the professional and the person coming in after you, if you kept your things on your person. So please don’t put anything on the ground or on a chair. In the piercing room you will of course be pointed to hang your coat and bag or purse on the coat hangers. Bring your own pen, your own face mask and avoid having to use the lavatory/rest room.

Nose and mouth piercings are not possible at this time

No check-ups, consultations, jewellery changes or the like. If you need urgent care please use the online consultation option as long as this rule is enforced.

No mobile devices

These are covered in bacteria, this is a risk we all take on a daily basis. To ensure safety on the premises, and to avoid unnecessary risks, we ask you to turn off your devices before stepping foot on the premises and also avoid touching these once on the premises.

The check-ups are sadly no longer free of charge.

These are still possible but for a fee. This, to cover for the enormous price raises in PPE. Thank you for understanding.

If you want to pick out a piece of jewellery

We ask you to have a look at the options beforehand, by surfing to the webshop and potentially order the item(s) up front. When submitting your order, choose “pay at pickup”, This way you’re not attached to anything just yet, in case you need something else once you’re here.

Deposits are no longer necessary

This way you can cancel your appointment last minute if needed. Even if it’s at the very last minute. But don’t forget to cancel though.

The price list as you’ve known it no longer exists.

All prices have gone up a little to cover for the costs of gloves, masks, faceshields and the like. To give you an example: the price of examination gloves, which are only used for examination and jewellery picking, have been multiplied by ten since the outbreak. This is also the case for sterile gloves, masks etc. And on top of that we have to use special N95 masks now and a faceshield and give out hand disinfectants to our clients. The latter was €15 per bottle befroe the outbreak, the price it’s sold at now is not something you’d want to know, promise.

These regulations are based on the following documentation: