Piercing mistake

I’m only human.

Even when you’ve been a professional piercer for some time and work meticulously and with the greatest attention to detail… You still can, sometimes, just sometimes, make a mistake and place a piercing slightly askew or crooked. But what then?

Piercing mistake.

As a piercer, you’re dealing with people, with different anatomies. You need to make the closest possible estimation of jewellery sizes beforehand because trying on for size isn’t exactly an option in this business for hygiene reasons. When you have enough experience everything goes smoothly, almost every time. But sometimes, just sometimes, a small mishap can occur, despite good marking, measuring, looking, feeling, estimating, lighting… And this happens to me sometimes too. I pay very much attention to details and can behave slightly neurotically which means precise isn’t even enough, it has to be perfect. And I can’t stand it when even the slightest millimetre is off. So I always try to anticipate absolutely every thing I actually can anticipate, so I am prepared in case something happens that could not have been foreseen. And that is something than actually almost always happens, on any piercing, any person. Anticipating is something I’ve become quite good at. This prevents a lot of small bothersome things.

But even with this, even with all the experience, there’s always the possibility of something to go differently than planned. Worst case, the piercing ended up crooked. I almost always look at the piercing afterwards to check if it came out exactly the way I intended it to. A lot of people say – when I tell them why I check their piercing – that I probably wouldn’t tell them if it wasn’t. But that is not the case, I actually do. Because I want every piercing from my hands to be well done. And if it so happens I doubt it, I just can’t let it go. If I would let someone leave with a piercing I am not entirely satisfied with, it wouldn’t be able to sleep (which I mean almost literally).

So if I happen to have pierced something not entirely to my satisfaction, I will let you know, I will show you and discuss the possibilities. In most cases we’re talking about such a small thing that most people aren’t bothered by it. But they are always very pleased with the fact that I’m being honest and present possible solutions. To me that is the most important because if someone trusts me, they will be more inclined to get pierced by me and to be honest to me as well regarding their piercings and problems, aftercare and such. I think that’s also the reason why they wouldn’t mind as much if something went a little differently once.

In so far 3 cases, it happened that I placed a piercing in a way that didn’t satisfy me fully and that the customer agreed. In those cases I always give three options. You could take it out and get your money back. You could leave it and be happy with it. Or I could repierce it on the spot. If I repierce it right there and then it won’t have any consequences for the healing at all. The old one will heal as any other small wound and the new one will heal as any other piercing would and will not give any more problems than it would have if it was pierced right in the first place.

Because I give these options, customers mostly chose to have it repierced because they trust me to be honest and meticulous. These people have all come back at least once, be it for advice or a new piercing or jewellery. Honesty breeds trust and that is exactly what I’m going for. You can trust Soesha for good and safe piercing, personal attention and care, quality jewellery and attention to detail.