Piercing retainers

Retainers, that will actually retain your piercing.

You know the situation:

You work in a restaurant or a bar, your boss complains about your visible piercings. But you don’t want to take them out in fear of losing them, of your stretched earlobes to shrink…

Or you have to go to a job interview and you want the job real bad, but maybe they’ll reject you because of your piercings…

Or you play sports, boxing for example or basketball and you can damage your piercings or injure yourself buy getting hit on it…

Or, you have to go to the hospital for a radio or an operation but your tongue piercing or lip piercing will surely close up if you leave the jewellery out for an hour or maybe more and your medical professional insists on you taking them out.

Or an MRI or other type of scan where your metal jewellery can heat up so bad it will surely burn your skin if you leave them in, but you’ll lose your piercings by closing back up if you take them out.

We’ve got a thing for that! It’s called a retainer.

You’ve probably heard of it. Retainer, from to retain. Well there it is!

Retainers are small, transparent, sometimes flexible pieces of piercing jewellery especially designed for those situations. Make sure you purchase those in the right size though or they will still be more visible than wanted.

They exist in Pyrex glass or in Bioplast.

The retainers in Pyrex are ideal for work or family meetings where you have to hide your piercings.

Also Pyrex glass is most suitable for all skin types because it’s glass and fully hypoalergenic.

The retainers of Bioplast are ideal for all other occasions such as sports or medical interventions because they are flexible and bendable.

My personal experience:

Me, I had rhinoplasty done, twice. Nose operations where I had to be in-tubed. Which means my mouth had to be free of any piercing in risk of passing through the tube directly in my lungs if they were to come loose. I used  retainer in my philtrum piercing (a.k.a. Medusa piercing) and my tongue piercings (I had two). Of course the nurse demanded at first to take them out but I refused and she called the anesthesiologist to talk to me about it. I explained I had these replaced with Bioplast retainers that were sterile when I popped them in (highly recommended if you’re getting a medical procedure or for a visit to the dentist to avoid infection of any kind to the wound of the operation or dental procedure).

Most remarkable is that doctors apparently don’t realize the mouth heals extremely fast. I told him it would close up after an hour and he looked at me funny. So I explained that micro organisms in saliva make sure any wound in the mouth heals as fast as possible because the mouth area is so prone to infection. The thing is, I explained, that I’m very prone to scarring when they close back up, so in fact it would do me more harm than good to abandon them. This is not entirely true but very possible. So I convinced him. I made sure my tongue piercings were well fastened becasue of course if they were to come loose, it would be the literal end of me.

“Micro organisms in saliva make sure any wound in the mouth heals as fast as possible.”

Make sure you communicate with your medical professionals and of course, if they insist, they are right to.

So yeah, I took a risk, and so did my doctor and this in don’t recommend to anyone. So when in doubt, trust your doctor. But that lip piercing, naaah, those retainers are secure.

When in doubt, always trust your doctor.

So I checked those tongue piercings a couple times before going in the Operation Room.

soesha retainer rhinoplasty

Excuse the goo and gore in the picture.

You can see clearly I’m still wearing my retainer in my medusa piercing. Well you can’t and that’s the point. You just see a tiny hole.

I left the retainers in for two weeks because changing them back up with a broken nose is not recommended, because of pain but also because of risk of infection.

But! If your doctor insists on you taking your piercing jewellery out and leaving them out during the operation, they are probably right!

And many, many piercings, even when abandoned for a while, can stay open but tighten up. So with the help of lube and an insertion pin an maybe some professional help and of course sterile jewellery you can often find them back.

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