Piercings and your hair dresser

Everybody knows it. You have to go to the hair dresser but the piercing in your ear isn’t behaving. It’s either irritated or you just had it done.

Piercings and your hair dresser don’t match very well…

Hair dressers and hair stylists don’t have a particularly good reputation when it comes to being careful with your ears, piercings, earrings or the like. The brush or comb gets caught about six times, they grab your ear when washing your hands. Those scalp massages are great but your piercings aren’t that happy about them though.

So what can you do about it?

Not much really… Of course, communicate with the lady who washes your hair and the person who cuts it and also with the one who styles it so they remember to be careful around that very sensitive zone.

Some hair dressers and hair stylists can relate and be more careful once you told them because you see more and more people with tattoos and piercings around salons and beauty parlours so pick one of those.

Also: wait a bit before going to your stylist.

And if you can’t wait or it just happened, make sure you take good care of your piercing in the week after. Even if you’ve had it for years. If your piercing is feeling iffy after a visit at the salon, make sure you use saline, keep dirty fingers clear of it and rinse abundantly.