Pouches for plugs and tunnels

So here you are, you’ve been stretching your piercings for some time now and you have started quite the collection of spirals, plugs, tunnels and what not.

A lot of plugs, tunnels, hangers… and these are often too big for your regular jewellery boxes so you can’t even close them any more. Where would you keep your jewellery in then? A box, many boxes, plastic bags, the packaging you received your jewellery in… and there you go, a big mess on your vanity or night stand! And don’t get me started on all those plugs and tunnels that have become too small now.

As a matter of total coincidence, I just started a new hobby! Sewing!

I had asked my father once if I could try and sewn the bottom part of my curtains. I thought it shouldn’t be too hard and if he explained it to me I could probably make it work. He explained real quick (real quick, let me tell you) how everything worked and gave me his machine (yeah, just like that, that’s how he is). It stayed on a shelf in my bedroom for months until some weeks ago.

A couple weeks ago I grabbed the big dusty box from the shelf and tried to sew small pillow like thingies to set my jewellery on for display. I was going to Keltfest to sell my jewellery. It didn’t have to be pretty, and trust me it wasn’t but it worked and I got addicted.

Then I came up with the brilliant idea to have tote bags printed with my logo so people would go and do their groceries with my tote. Since people are looking out for planet earth more and more these days, it seemed like a good idea.

And then I thought: “A tote bag, that can’t be very hard to sew right?”. So there I went sewing my prototype. Then I went to the market to buy fabrics and zippers and stuff and  wanted to try and copy those plug pouches I have for sale in the “In the attic“category of the webshop. So there I did it! and added some plug protective padding and wow! I’m actually not bad at this at all! And you can purchase them the regular way, in my web-shop.

I’m going to make more and adapt the design everytime I come up with something, I think. And also different colours an sizes probably. So keep a close eye on the web-shop. I make them to order as well as I will post some every now and then. So if you have a sepcial request, let me know!

I keep the prices relatively low as well at them moment because it’s more of a hobby for now, and what do you kno? another hobby involving needles! 😛

Soon also available with Soesha logo on them.