pre-Piercing preparation

How can I best prepare for getting pierced?

Make sure you have eaten well, you have had enough sleep, that you have informed your piercer about things like work environment, health, allergies, planned medical procedures or procedures you’ve had in the past that might be relevant, vacation plans (no swimming during healing!) etc.

We all get nervous before getting pierced, tattooed or any other procedure done, no matter how much procedures we’ve had done in the past. One person is never scared, another is always scared, even after having more than 16 piercings.

When we’re about to pierce you, breathe easy.

Breathe deeply but softly. Do not hold your breath because when you do you tense up and so does your body and this makes everything more sensitive and difficult. When, or better yet, before you feel pain or discomfort, slowly exhale. Exhale the entire contents of your lungs. Don’t “psssshht” blow, but just slowly exhale the contents of your lungs through your nose. It will relax you even subconsciously and thus also relax your muscles, heartrate and your skin. Also, because you will be so focused on your breathing, you probably won’t even notice that you just got pierced.