Betrouwbare piercers Nederland

List of reputable piercers in The Netherlands

Here is my list of all reliable piercers that I can think of / find in the Netherlands.

For Belgium and other countries view this list.

Check out the map! That’s even better nowadays, and global.

This list is in my personal opinion.

With this I don’t claim it’s based on facts but only on my personal and professional opinion. I think these piercers are reputable.

This means that I trust them in their expertise, hygiene, accuracy, quality, quality of jewelry, quality and knowledge in the field of aftercare … 

Maybe Some piercers aren’t mentioned that are also very good, which you think are good or that they should be on the list for a reason or another. Maybe they are not on here because I have no experience with them or because I think they are very good but incidentally have seen things from them that I find iffy. Or maybe they have a very good reputation, but I disagree.

I myself am very picky and careful.

That means that I also choose my artists in this way, whether it is a haircut, nails, tattoo, piercing, body modification (implants, tongue splitting for example) or other artists to whom I entrust a part of my body to, temporarily or not. I’ve also learned the hard way sometimes for that matter. This has made me even more choosy.

It is therefore not an insult if a piercer is not on this list but perhaps a compliment if a piercer is on it.

These are not only piercers, but sometimes also whole piercing studios. And you can now view them on a map that, in the future, will probably include more and more Piercing studio’s than will even be shown on this list.

This list is regularly updated, as I certainly do not have all the reliable piercers on this list.

Was there a piercer that is no longer listed? This can have several causes.

Above all, I am probably no longer satisfied with their work or I have carried out consultations too often for clients who came from them … That does not mean that they will never come up on this list again, but at the moment I’m not a 100% about them thus I won’t send you there. You may of course go there, it’s your prerogative, but professionally I would feel guilty if I sent you there under the guise of “I trust them 100%” because if they are on this list it has be true. If they aren’t, that is no longer true. For me that is.