Saline for your piercing

Why saline?

Isotonic physiological saline is a solution of 0.9% NaCl (9 grams of salt per liter) in distilled water, so that the value of the solution obtained corresponds to that of the body tissues.

This solution is usually also used for rinsing open wounds in the hospital. A physiological saline solution is safe, provided it is also sterile when administering to the body.

The Neilmed saline cans are premade, sterile until the very last drop. This is ready-to-use, easy and safe.

You use this by spraying some saline directly on to the piercing or wound and rinsing afterwards with water. Do this twice daily until the piercing has fully healed or at least until the irritation signs subside but continue for 4 weeks more after this since a would heals from the outside in. So your piercing may feel and look healed after a little while but it can be that the inside is still healing.

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