Surface anchor or microdermal or dermal anchor

Here are pictures of¬†Surface anchor or microdermal or dermal anchor piercings I’ve done.

Let them inspire you!

Below is a picture of a healed single point piercing whithout the top, to show you what it looks like when removed.Surface anchor or microdermal or dermal anchorOf course I’ve done much more of these than the amount of pictures on this page but I don’t always get the chance to take pictures.

Since my clients are always king and not everyone wants their picture taken I try to make everyone happy.

This type of piercing is possible in various ways and places on the body. Some places are faster healers than others. If you have any questions regarding this or any other type of piercing do not hesitate to contact me via my contact information in the menu above.

Over de surface anchor PhotoGrid_1448554204915 PhotoGrid_1414133913815 nieuw 002 IMG_20140810_012306 Nazorginstructies voor de microdermal IMG_20140810_001007 forehead dermal IMG_20131021_100634

These are often chosen by women for the hips, the back, the cleavage… But also by men in the face, next or under the eye, which is often called a tear drop piercing. Some high-end jewellers offer a screw in top part for this piercing in the shape of a tear drop to make the effect complete.

Most of these are done with a tiny piece of jewellery that looks a bit like a shoe. The post of the piece can be of 1.5, 2 or 2.5mm length and is mostly 1.6mm thick and allows for threaded pieces to be screwed in. Most threads are 1.2mm thick.