Terms and Conditions Special Orders and Custom orders

Order ~ and delivery conditions for Special Orders and customized orders:

  • The delivery time of customized jewelry can take up to 6 months from the time of ordering from Soesha to the supplier.
  • I request a deposit of 50% for such orders.
  • After the deposit, the ordered items are reserved for you.
  • I will keep you informed of the delivery.
  • When the items have arrived in the store, I will notify you by email. I will send you an e-mail to the address you provided. Also keep an eye on your spam / junk folder.
  • If you have not responded to this within 7 days, I will try again.
  • When the items have not been paid and ordered (via SoeshaDuka.nl) or paid and collected (in the physical store) 3 months after telephone contact or 3 months after the notification e-mail , the reservations and down payments (personal data with which the order was originally made will be destroyed) are voided. The items are then offered for sale in both webshop and physical studio again.
  • If 50% was deposited, the item will be held for 3 months without notice to the contrary.
  • If the purchase amount has been paid in full, the item will be held for 6 months without notice to the contrary.
  • When this has expired, it is tacitly returned to the sales stock.
  • Soesha is not responsible for wrongly ordered sizes of jewelry.
  • Soesha is not responsible for unreachability due to incorrect contact information.
  • If you decide to cancel the purchase after deposit, we can cancel the order. I charge a 20% administration fee off the deposit.

All personal data you have given Soesha.nl, SoeshaDuka or SoeshaPiercing: The Infirmary will be treated confidentially and can be viewed or destroyed at your request at any time.

If there are more questions, then of course don’t hesitate to contact me.