Types of piercings

What kinds of piercings are there?

Face piercings, body piercings, intimate piercings, surface piercings, surface anchors… Are a couple categories for many many piercings.

Face piercings: What are the options? Nostril piercings, Septum piercing, Eyebrow piercing, anti-eyebrow, erl piercing, also known as the bridge piercing, surface piercings, cheek piercings, lip piercings, also known as labrets, madonnas, medusas and more… the nasallang or the high nostril piercings, third eye piercing, bindi piercing… And there are the oral piercings, in the mouth. Such as: tongue piercing, transverse tongue piercing, multiple tongue piercings, venom piercings (two tongue piercings next to each other side by side), the smiley piercing or lip frenulum piercing, the frowney piercing is also one of those but in the lower lip. You can find examples of some in my portfolio.

Surface piercings: (nappe, wrist, cleavage, face…) These are piercings that pass through the skin. Two tops are visible side by side and the bar is hidden under the skin. Most of those take about the same healing time and measures as the belly button or navel piercing.

Surface anchor piercings (also known as the microdermal, dermal anchors, dermal implants,single point piercing…): These are one point piercings that can be placed literally anywhere on the body. Of course depending on the individuals different anatomies and thickness of skin, fat and such… These are possible on the forehead for example. This is often called the third eye piercing. Sometimes the skin of the forehead is too thin and thus prone to rejection. The wrist is also often rejected, but, again, this does not happen to everyone.

Oral piercings (tongue, lip, madonna, medusa, monroe, cheeks…) these (in exception of the cheek piercings) heal the easiest and fastest (most of the times). They also close quickest when abandoned, keep that in mind. Cheekpiercings take more time and care to heal. They pass through an area with lots of muscle tissue and glands, veins and nerves so be patient, careful and consistent when you want to get one or two of these.

GenitalĀ piercings (for the ladies): The clithood and christina piercings are positioned quite far in the front. The sting of the needle is short and quick so not that bad at all actually. The labia piercing is just as sensitive to get but you could have to avoid tight jeans and bikerides for a couple of days.

Surface anchors in comparison to surface piercings: Surface anchors are one point piercings, which means they have one top visible above the skin and the other part hidden under the skin and fixed by tissue growing though the hole or holes that are in the small flat bar hidden under there. A surface piercing heals slower than a surface anchor, and the anchors are less prone to wiggle during healing. They take about 3 to 4 months to heal. Some spots on the body are better for the one than the other and vice versa.